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I've Caught The Chibson Bug... Again!!!

posted Oct 19, 2014 11:26:39 by tobycolacino
Hi guys,

I have caught the chibson bug once again... I have ordered 2x Guitars from Sara Lee and 1x Guitar Monopoly. I placed my first order on the 21st September with Sara Lee for an Ace Frehly with 3 pickups and a Slash Appetite and I can tell you I am very excited to hopefully receive them soon. They have left Weifang and in Qingdao at the moment hopefully will have them this week. The guitar I ordered from Guitar Monoply was a Slash Rosso Corsa about 10 minutes ago so that will be another eager wait. I will upload some photos of the 2 from Sara Lee as she sent pictures before posting as we agreed then once they arrive ill upload some better pictures.

Thanks again guys for sharing your guitars.

Keep on rocking.


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MichaelWamback said Oct 20, 2014 15:39:44
That bug is incurable.

I've been looking myself, but I just bought a new amp head and cabinet recently. No doubt the Mrs. will divorce me if I spend another nickle on guitars at the moment. And I've grown rather fond of her cooking. :)
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AndrewWolczyk said Oct 20, 2014 20:36:39
They got blind monkeys installing truss rod covers now?
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