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89$ epiphone les Paul???

posted Oct 13, 2014 22:50:32 by HtesJoseph
I know we kind of beat this to death a couple of weeks ago but it's back with a Columbus Day sale. I mean is $89 worthit just for the hardware off the guitar and the pick ups?$89 I may just buy one or two of them for a project guitars. Anybody got any thoughts on this is it a better deal than a Chibson??
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MichaelWamback said Oct 13, 2014 23:16:05
The lower end Epi's are on par with the Chibsons. Pickups are usually not horrible, but not stellar. Pots are Alpha brand, and are crap. Frets are usually uneven and need a good level and a setup to play well. Nuts are usually decent - but again not stellar. Having said that, I fixed up one of these for a friend; and it became a really fun little guitar. We put a set of Dragonfire pickups in it and upgraded the pots/caps. Plus the fretwork.

But for $89, hard to go wrong.
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