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Heard another Gibson horror story today...

posted Oct 08, 2014 03:41:48 by MichaelWamback
Was talking to one of the guys at a very significant local guitar shop - Gibson 5 Star shop - meaning Gibson has them on the top of the list for work as well as carrying some of their best instruments.

Here's the story - straight from the source:

The had gotten in some top end Gibson acoustics, and they noticed that one of them had an "S curve" in the neck. This is a serious defect in workmanship. They boxed up the guitar and shipped it back to Gibson, and Gibson replaced it with another guitar. Several months later, a kid came into the store with the similar model Gibson acoustic because he was having issues with it. Surprise, it also had an "S curve" in the neck, and in the exact same place. Thinking it was odd, they looked up the serial number. Turns out that Gibson had taken the guitar they sent back as defective and simply shipped it out to the local Guitar Center in hopes that someone would buy it and not care (presumably, someone that would only use a $2,500 guitar to play C, D and G cowboy songs.)

Couldn't help but think of how passionately Gibson get's on their soapbox to complain about Chibsons "diluting their brand." Said it before and I'll say it again, the Chinese are not hurting the Gibson brand more than Gibson is doing so themselves with stunts like this. Sad!
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