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muso guitars.... order first then ask questions

posted Sep 27, 2014 00:24:56 by strummalooney
I had a difficult time just recently with MUSO guitars, on aliexpress , I saw a 7 string jazz box in natural maple & contacted the seller for details.. they requested I make an order & pay first. after the money had been taken from my account , they told me that they didn't have any natural ones in stock .. & sent me a picture of a sunburst one , that was disappointing to start with ,... I had also put in an order for a spalted maple top PRS copy with them .. & was told that particular guitar wasn't the one they would be sending.. they sent me a picture of another one , that was rather ugly .. I immediately cancelled the order & told them that they should only advertise guitars they have in stock.. 2 days later, I got a message from ali express saying they had refused cancellation & refund.. by this time I was livid & went straight to "chat" with one of their selling agents & described the situation... I had to make a really strong argument that they were not supplying the instrument I saw in the ad & instead had proffered a substitute... this comes about from emailing 2 different sellers agents & having to repeat myself over & over.. , the 2nd seller eventually checked the ad against the pictured ones in my message & authorized a cancellation & refund.. I also ordered a nice strat from another seller AIDY music , that I have not seen the ACTUAL guitar other than the one in the ad.. they are taking their time with shipping & I suspect that the guitar is still being made.. .... a few months ago I bought a lovely burled top telecaster from Chenpu Yang store.. I requested that they change the pickguard to a black one.. the sellar OK;ed this & then on arrival I saw that is was a different guitar.. lucky that is was a nice one but the bridge was a barrel type like on older telecasters , rather than a block type like on some strats.. well I let that one go ,, it's a nice instrument all the same.. it's clear this seller on sold another instrument with a black pick guard instead ,. it wasn't changed... but in any guitars I'm interested in , Now I request that they tell me if it's the original guitar as advertised in aliexpress. some exasperation & frustration with these people./ it is not possible to tell who is a reseller or the Original Maker supplier , it seems the direct factory sellers can & will make custom changes , communicating with some of them.
is 35 guitars excessive ?.
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MichaelWamback said Sep 27, 2014 15:54:02
The photos on AliExpress are basically "stock photos" of the guitars they make, not photos of the actual guitar they are selling. All of these guitars are basically built to order. It's different from shopping on the Guitar Center website.
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angev2 said Sep 28, 2014 11:58:34
I can understand your pain and frustration. I recently went through an ordeal where I totally wrong colored guitar was sent to me despite asking them not to ship.
The guitar tuned up but I refused to sign paperwork and the item was taken back to the depot. I dont know if there guitar was returned back to China or surrendered to my local customs.
Fortunately, my refund was processed very quick. Due to the fact that I had every detail recorded and a written agreement up front with the seller. He broke the agreement and subsequently had no grounds to argue.

My advise is to write an agreement and post in the message window before you pay. In addition get them to post a picture of the guitar with your name or the current date printed on a piece of paper.
You might might also want to upload a few images on for reverse image searches.
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strummalooney said Oct 07, 2014 00:04:38
thanks tineye great resource..
is 35 guitars excessive ?.
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