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pickup choice.

posted Sep 17, 2014 09:37:38 by angev2
what pickups did you swapout your Chibsons and PRLess with ?
what were you shooting for and what did you end up with ?
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Jason said Sep 18, 2014 05:49:13
In my PRS i bought Guitar Fetish EHV pickups. These are supposed to re-create the Van Halen tone. I wanted something hot and screaming. Definitely does that :-)

My Musicman Axis (first chinese guitar i bought) i bought seymour duncans (2nd hand. I couldnt afford new). I have a 59 in the neck and an Alnico 2 Pro APH-1n in the bridge. I think they are the same ones slash uses. I was after a nice classic rock tone. And it sound amazing.

My Suhr copy has Guitar Fetish PUs in as well which are similar to the Seymour Duncans. I dont particularly like the bridge PU. The middle and neck single coils sound nice a fat.

I only play the Musicman now. And will look at getting another one soon.
NickintheStates said Sep 19, 2014 01:12:42
My first Chinese kit guitar I put Seymour Duncan Jazz neck and Jeff Beck I'm the bridge. Gorgeous tone and really sings for blues, seventies rock tones and can even got ,teal prett well too. This next one will probable get some Bare Nuckle Mules in to, half on reputation and half on just a killer name.
I've tried AGI Lace alumitones but there were a little sterile. If I did more super driven stuff I'd look at those or emg's.

I do have a pro semi hollow project I'm working on that im going to try the GFS hot Liverpool tv jones knockoffs in. I'm hoping since its semi hollow I can get some Gretche or rickenbacker tones out of it.
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MassimilianoLiburdi said Sep 22, 2014 13:43:14
I'm going for a '59/JB combo, seems to be a well placed combination
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