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New Unboxing Video ~ Chinese seller frm eBay

posted Sep 08, 2014 21:30:04 by filthypit

I bought this guitar off flea-bay (eBay) and assume its genuine. It shipped from China ~ The seller has abt 99% pos feedback, shipped quickly and also sells other inexpensive brands such as Jay Turser, Washburn, Grote, etc.

...Just thought I'd share ~

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ChibsonsandMore said Sep 09, 2014 06:06:24
I actually suspect this seller as using the same factory as REG when I was snooping around before. They both use "Wilkinson" branded pickups in a lot of their guitars and seem to have the same body shapes. Their english wasn't bad, but not up to par with some of the other sellers.
GianCarlo said Oct 05, 2014 11:18:23
nice! you got an ebay link for that seller filthypit?
filthypit said Oct 05, 2014 13:41:52
He's selling on ebay as Grote Guitar.
I believe he works @ the factory, not buying scraps out the back door (frm asstd factories) as so many sellers appear to be.
He had a sunburst listed, I emailed requesting black - he answered saying no problem.
He sent me a tracking# within hrs of paying w/ paypal - he also did a custom build for my brother pretty quick.

FYI: this is his ebay store:

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a place, not a physical attribute ~ my friends call me filth
GianCarlo said Oct 06, 2014 10:25:28
cool! so he does custom guitar's too?
filthypit said Oct 06, 2014 13:15:57
you can email him through ebay w/ requests.
he responds pretty fast.
a place, not a physical attribute ~ my friends call me filth
angev2 said Oct 06, 2014 13:38:38
nice bass. Half the fun with the upgrades would have been fishing the electronics out.Id love to get the chance to do that one day!Mayb...if i ever get a ES355
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TMc51 said Oct 07, 2014 07:09:57
I believe this may be their AliExpress store, but there's no way to tell if one or the other is the real deal or not.

There's a Tele I've been eyeing, and if they would do them left handed, I'd possibly jump on it.
GianCarlo said Oct 07, 2014 09:20:49
thanks filthypit!
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