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My Chineee guitar PRS

posted Sep 01, 2014 15:29:19 by MikeMansefield
I have had her for about 3 months. My Guitar Tech spent a few hours sorting the neck out and this was the only area that needed sorting.
I specified a single piece back/body in Mahogany. Single piece for the neck.
From time of order to guitar arriving just over 4 weeks. I asked for pictures at various stages which never happened, I thought this was disappointing as had there been a problem that was visual it could have been sorted then. As it was there was no real problem with the guitar, as yet unnamed, the PUps will be changed in the next few months as the ones fitted unsurprisingly are micro-phonic but even withstanding that she is a great guitar to play.
If you look closely at the body finish there is only one tiny fault where the two veneers on the top doesn't meet completely and there is the smallest flaw which I wont worry about.
The neck feels very comfortable and had no problems apart from the setup.
The case seems to be of fairly good quality but wouldn't stand too much touring.
To sum up for what she cost she is a bargain platform for modding with your own specifications. Mike

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drew said Sep 01, 2014 20:13:10
Which seller did you get it from?
Jason said Sep 02, 2014 01:30:06
Nice. I am looking at buying my second PRS by xams time and probably go a similar color.

My PRS has the same pickup switch selector location as yours. It is a pain for me to play because i like to quickly switch between pickups a lot when i play. I cant do that comfortably with the switch so far back.

Other than that it is a dream to play.

Hopefully you enjoy yours and much as i enjoy mine.

MikeMansefield said Sep 02, 2014 22:59:39
I meant to put that and forgot, getting to old. Cathy Zhong
I don't mind the switch in that position as I am getting older I am slowing down, I play mainly Jazz & Blues so speed of switching between PUps is not important.
Rob said Nov 27, 2014 13:48:39
Nice purchase! Looks fantastic! When I get the Chibsons out of my system I may go for one of these!
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