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Why is eBay so crap at the moment?

posted Aug 31, 2014 01:28:20 by SteveTebble
For the last three or four weeks I've bought hardly anything on eBay, and listed none of my for sale items.


Because eBay is, currently, absolute s**t.

It's like swimming through treacle. For instance, if I go to any of my Saved searches (or Followed searches, as eBay now chooses to call them), or create a new one, scrolling up or down is a right pain, and frequently just stops working completely. And selecting any item in the list more often than not produces no result at all. Even just clicking away from the eBay tab in IE takes forever, as does clicking on it again to go back.


I'm also scared to attempt to list anything for sale as the process may take so long as to leave me suicidal, also if others are having the same problem (and they are, see, this may result in fewer views and hence fewer bids.

Or is it me, in which case, does anyone have a solution?

(I doubt it, every other website I visit behaves impeccably.)

I need to start buying guitar parts again soon!
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
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TrickyRicky said Aug 31, 2014 03:47:57
FleaBay UK we're talking here.

The site is slow due to so many scripts active at any one time. Worst are issues with unscrupulous buyers and some sellers. The 'net is full of reports of negative experiences.

Ultimately it's the clueless corporate turkeys who own and run the 'bay nowadays who are to blame for all ills. For these goons the bottom line is way more important than the users.
"For some, the safest thing is to steer clear of these guitars."
SteveTebble said Aug 31, 2014 08:31:11
It's the software issue that concerns me at the moment!

Forgot to mention by the way, that also, I often get a little pop-up that reads:

"eBay has stopped responding due to a long-running script."

I'm viewing it from Bristol in the UK if that's relevant.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
SteveTebble said Aug 31, 2014 20:53:48
Well I just uninstalled the Yahoo Smartbar, restarted the lappy and it seems to be working again now!
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
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