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Ordering Guitars Without Hardware and Electronics?

posted Aug 20, 2014 18:11:39 by broscup
Has anyone ordered a guitar, neck and body attached and finished, but without the common hardware that is usually replaced? Instead of spending money on pickups from China, ordering them without and putting your own in. Same with tuners, bridge and saddle, etc?

Would there be a significant cost savings or is most of the money in the body and neck? Just wondering. My first guitar that I will be ordering today probably, will be ready to go, but for subsequent orders I may try and get one sans pickups.
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ChibsonsandMore said Aug 20, 2014 19:12:39
Without pickups, jack, etc. shouldn't be too big of an issue.

I would never suggest buying without a bridge though. Ordering without a bridge means that they cannot string the guitar up before sending it your way. Stringing it up would make issues like the neck being slightly off completely obvious, and they could miss little details like that.

I doubt you'd save much money on them leaving off the nut too.
drew said Aug 21, 2014 03:04:19
A member here tried this several months ago with a PRS-type guitar. It was basically a fiasco.
ChibsonsandMore said Aug 21, 2014 03:56:10
Well, the member did it without any hardware at all. I would never order without a bridge/tuners/nut as I said, at least let them string it up before you get it.

The only thing(s) I'd leave out are electronics. I'm not sure how much taking those out will save you, maybe $20-40? Probably not much in the grand scheme of things.
Jason said Aug 21, 2014 05:16:55
I would refer to have it shipped with the electronics. Even though they are crap, you can at least ascertain that the guitar actually works.

It doesn't take much to pull all the stuff out. And like Chibson said they savings wouldn't be that much.
MichaelWamback said Aug 22, 2014 14:43:40
I'm going to give you my best advice - you are free to disregard it at your own risk.

Never order one of these without hardware. The quality control of the builders over there is inconsistent at best. You ask them to build it without hardware, and you are not giving them a chance to catch any of their mistakes, since they can't string the instrument. And lets be honest, it's a $250 guitar, and you are hoping to save about $10 on cheap hardware.

Do the sensible thing - order it as is and then upgrade the hardware.

In terms of electronics - they won't impact the playability of the instrument. So if you don't want them to install pickups, I don't think that would be a problem.

But definitely, have them install all the hardware. As stated above, someone else tried that and it was pretty much a disaster.
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