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Check out Audacity

posted Aug 15, 2014 16:21:39 by MichaelWamback
Was looking for a way to record entire songs, and stumbled across Audacity. Amazing little freeware program that you guys should check out.

Just starting to get into songwriting a bit more, so wanted something more than a 40 second looper.

Audacity is freeware, and I'm using it in conjunction with the Zoom G3 pedal.

The software recognized the Zoom (via USB) straight away. I just used the dropdown menus for speaker and mic to set it to the Zoom. It will record from the Zoom and play back through the Zoom - which I can hear via the headphones or through the amp.

This thing is like having your own recording studio. It has tons of effects to modify your sound. You can overdub to your hearts content - and erase or reinstall your last dub without altering the rest of the recording. You can cut parts, or insert parts of songs to get the mix you want.

You can even loop your recording if you want to jam along.

And everything gets saved to your hard drive or USB drive.

I have a PC, but it seems there is a Mac version as well. You guys should check it out - really fun little piece of software that doesn't cost a dime.
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filthypit said Aug 25, 2014 16:01:45
Yep ~ its what I've been using on my crappy guitar videos

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Rob said Sep 16, 2014 12:10:50
Thanks for the heads up! I will check this out for my MAC! I'm currently having apal help me run my guitar into my MAC for some video and general recording.
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