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posted Aug 02, 2014 15:11:22 by davidisintexas
Guys, this is the Third Chinese Fake that Ive gotten that has been Good All the Way Round! The Last one was that Les Paul 1960 Tribute. Sadly the Film Crew took that one back with them to Canada so I cant show it any more.

BUT, after waiting 2 Months I FINALLY got in a Gibson ES 175 Fake from China. Took one month to find out the first seller was not going to ship it. Took 30 days for the next seller but it got to me!

And I have to SADLY ADMIT that it's one Hell of a Guitar All the Way Round! The wood work and the construction details are near Perfect. The Hardware and the Electronics Are also PERFECT! At least they are for now! Ive been playing this since Thursday when it got here and I intend to keep playing it for this month of August to check and see just how well it actually holds up. Will the PUPs fizzle like one did last year? Will the wiring remain connected and working? Will anything on it break or just crap out?

Thats why Im going to test it before I pass a final judgement on it. BUT, as of these FEW DAYS, China Has MADE A GREAT ES 175 Gibson FAKE for only $315 Dollars! AND I Bought it from a Brand New Seller. Never heard of me ever. So, while Im testing it for playing I will also be taking it to the guy who builds cabinets for homes, have him check the woods,and take it to one repair shop to hear what they have to say about the PUPs and how they were constructed.

AGAIN, IM TOTOALLY AGAINST BUYING FAKE GUITARS....THESE GUYS ARE CHEATS AND PIRATES FOR THE MOST PART AND THEY SEEMS TO LIE AND SCREW EVERYONE AROUND THAT BUYS FROM THEM. So, check out the USED 175s before buying one of these fakes. I KNOW that they are expensive but also check out other brands than Gibson. I will keep you up to date on my channel. Have a good one.
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MichaelWamback said Aug 02, 2014 22:08:40
No doubt the overall quality is improving by leaps and bounds - but there are still some really bad guitars mixed in as well. I still think it's a gamble ordering these - and they should be purchased with that expectation.

I never concern myself that much with electronics, since all my Asian guitars (including Epiphones) get electronics upgrades anyway. All I'm concerned with is that they are structurally sound.

My main concern at the moment is fret life. From what I've observed, the frets tend to wear a bit faster than Epi's - suggesting the material they are using is a softer compound. Someone has suggested some lead in the mix - which wouldn't surprise me. Or at least, a lot more nickle than silver - but I am willing to wager they are cutting it with some other alloys. I've played mine heavily for the past year, and several frets were starting to show shallow grooves. Dressed them again. My guess is that, assuming the same frequency of play, that frets may well wear out in 5 or 6 years time.

Still, I would have gotten countless hours of fun for a couple of hundred bucks - and it can always be refretted.
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MustangJessie said Aug 03, 2014 08:52:09
I don't think the fret wear is unique to Chibsons Michael, I had a brand new classic vibe strat that I bought for some SRV gigs that showed pretty heavy wear after just 3 weeks. Neither the shop nor Fender would take it back claiming that it was my style of playing that was the issue.
DavidJohnson said Aug 03, 2014 12:09:45
Michael, I am about to shoot my normal video of the True Voice of this guitar and as always I am totally honest with the results. Course, I have been playing this guitar since it came 5 days ago and Sure, it sure dont sound like a ES 175 OR a Byrdland. That's because there is a BIG Flaw in it's construction. But, Ive played BOTH of those models before and I have to admit I like this new TONE that what ever you want to call this THING has. That Flaw I cant tell right now since there is a Contest on to Spot the Most "Tells" on this fake compared to an ES 175. BUT, this guitar has a clean, crisp and clear tone to it and its PUPs! Sorta Shakes a Person Up since my Last TWO have been the SAME. YEP, the Les Paul 60s Tribute I got in before this one must have the exact same gear on it. I cant compare any more since the Film Crew that bought that one for me for the documentary took it back to Canada for further testing.

SOOO, now that I have spent THREEE...OMG 3 YEARS Warning Buyers NOT to Get Screwed over by these Guitar Pirates NOW what do I do? I could tell them that the Seller I chose at random, just as they would, lied to me when he said 15 days and it took 30 days. Along with a Threat to dump the order. I told a close friend viewer that and he STILL wants to know who I got it from cause HE wants one.! WTF?

I started doing this, buying ALL the Popular Models to show them as fakes to help protect the KIDs and Nubes from being cheated. Well, I have done pretty well with the million viewers I have had. BUT, now that they are actually listening to Buyers and getting Korean Gear what does one do?

I guess that not everyone can see that by allowing these FAKES to continue that sooner or later there will be no more REAL GIBSONs made in the USA. Hell, it's VERY expensive to make things here let me tell you. Before I was forced to retire I too was buying and designing packaging machinery out of China due to the profit margins being so good compared to HERE. When you can't compete with your own goods, well, you are totally screwed OR you also go overseas. Fender saw it. Gibson sees it but is being stubborn and hanging on. What I really want is my Grandson Dean to be able to buy and play a real Gibson. And not one of mine till Im gone..hehe..IF you could have heard that REAL Sound Track on Rocking Dean video you would have heard that tiny hand beating the shit out of my Red Yamaha Acoustic! Ouch.

The Fret wear is not common problem here at least. I have several of the fakes I play daily and they show hardly any wear. Putting in Lead they would melt away or at least leave black residue on your fingers. They SURE would not put more Silver in so It Could be more Nickel but that wouldn't make them any softer. Ill have to get an old friend of mine to look into that issue. But, just as soon as I tell my viewers one of their Scouts in another country would send word that we now knew and change them. Just as they did with their PUPs, POTs and Soon to be CAPs Im told. They have already started using much better grade wire for connections. Im told the Korean PUPs also have a much better gauge of Copper for their PUPs compared to the Chinese.
Have a Good One
MichaelWamback said Aug 03, 2014 15:13:32
I can only compare the fret wear on my Chibson EDS-1275 from REG with the wear on my Epiphone LP Studio Goth - and there is no doubt in my mind that the frets are wearing faster on the REG guitar. I bought the Epi used about 5 or 6 years ago, and I've played it a lot. I've had the REG guitar for almost a year, and I've played it a lot as well. I would say that I've played the REG EDS more than the Epi LP this past year, but looking at total playing time they are about the same. So there is definitely a difference in the frets.

I have a love/hate thing with Gibson. A good friend bought a brand new Gibson acoustic (well over $2,000) at Guitar Center less than a year ago. She just told me that she had it to a local shop, and that it had to be sent back to Gibson. The neck had to be reset. Seriously, on a $2,000 guitar you would expect it to last more than a year. That's just a message that they don't care about their build quality or their customers. In fact, I've read statements from employees where they say that they pointed out to a supervisor that a particularly guitar had a problem, and they were told to ship it anyway. The excuse was that they had to make their quota for builds for the week, and that Gibson had a return policy so they would take care of it when the customer returns the guitar.

I'm also concerned about the way Gibson treats their employees, which is nothing short of a sweat shop. The average employee lasts less than a year, and often less than six months. This is because of the stress levels and abuse at the plant in Nashville. There's a great website called that allows employees to leave feedback on the companies they work for. You should check out the reviews on Gibson, just brutal.

And of course, we all know that Gibson is overcharging for their instruments - gouging their customers. And I honestly wouldn't mind spending the extra if I felt the build quality was superior. But when you cut corners and still want to charge top dollar, then I have an issue.

And to be honest, American companies can't compete because of corporate greed for the most part. In Japan, an average CEO makes approximately 11 times what his workers make. In the US, an average CEO makes roughly 500 times what his worker makes. When the guy running Papa John's Pizza lives in a huge mansion with a private golf course, can pay $300,000 to get his cherished 70's Camaro back from the person he sold it to for sentimental reasons, and then has the nerve to say that he couldn't possibly afford to provide health care for his minimum wage workers - you see why the system is screwed. And I bet Henry Juszkiewicz, the billionaire capitalist investor who bought out Gibson, makes plenty for his efforts while his workers have to work 12-16 hours a day x 6 days a week to get enough overtime to pay their bills.

I'm sorry, I really just don't have a lot of sympathy for American companies who have allowed their greed to dominate their decision making, at the expense of their employees and our country.

Sorry for the rant :)

There will always be a market for high end American guitars. There is something about "Made in USA" that is still appealing to people. I realize the other day that I miss my USA Strat, since I was working on a friend's guitar. Not that the Asian guitars are any worse, but it's just sentimentality. So I may start saving my pennies - if I can persuade the Mrs. that I can find room for one more. :)
The two most important things to remember in life: "The only time it's acceptable to work with amateurs is if you are making porn." "If you want to work with clowns, join a circus."
TomS. said Aug 03, 2014 21:51:14
Holy cow! I just read a bunch of the employee reviews for Gibson on (the link/site Michael supplied) Those are some bad stories. Sounds like a really horrible place to work. That's really too bad to do that stuff to those people and such an old American brand.

It actually makes me even more happy to have my custom logo on by Chibby. I honestly don't think I want to buy a real Gibson after reading those reviews. I would only be supporting such terrible treatment of those workers.

But on the flip side, who knows what the Chinese are up to in the Chibson plants, I am sure it is definitely no better. Probably much worse if we can judge by how Apple treats their employees in asia. (Foxconn)
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This is my Chibson. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
MichaelWamback said Aug 03, 2014 23:16:01
Fender and PRS also have a few disgruntled employees, as will all companies - but nothing anywhere near the scale of negative feedback that Gibson gets. The only word that aptly applies is "BRUTAL!"
The two most important things to remember in life: "The only time it's acceptable to work with amateurs is if you are making porn." "If you want to work with clowns, join a circus."
angev2 said Aug 04, 2014 11:09:12
is anyone else getting mixed messages here? We're hearing how good these guitars are becoming, setting an appeal factor ad making them even more attractive - then we hear not to buy them because they are cheats and pirates.
Here's an idea , if you're sincere about not feeding these "pirates" then dont buy them.

Not to single out the OP, but his comments pretty much echoes the majority opinion here about this topic

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"This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry." - Marty DiBergi
BuddhaPickups said Aug 05, 2014 02:16:39
^ I've always thought the same thing...

I think nobody wants to publicly support these, regardless if they actually like them or not. Nobody in their right mind would buy dozens and dozens of these if they didn't actually like them.
angev2 said Aug 05, 2014 13:32:24
^ You think we should be called China Guitar Self-deceptors?

Love them and cherish them for what they are; trying to descredit them to appease the other half not only insults our intelligence but is plainly bad form.

Plagiarism was once a form of flattery and the rightful IP would embrace it. Apparently not when it comes to militant corporations such as Gibson.
"This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry." - Marty DiBergi
BuddhaPickups said Aug 06, 2014 00:27:18
I can't pick out the tone of your response, but I was agreeing with you...

I was just trying to say that public endorsement is often filled with undertones...
"this is a great guitar, but I don't think you should buy one".
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angev2 said Aug 06, 2014 12:44:49
trying to be facetious. Point's been made so we move on. But we're all going to hell for this because Gibson has also a trademark on 'Pearly Gates'.
"This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry." - Marty DiBergi
davidisintexas said Aug 22, 2014 18:33:51
Guys, Im NOT trying to promote these Fakes. Each time someone Asks me I warn them and always suggest they look at Used Gibsons instead of a Fake. BUT, as We ALL KNOW they are going to get one anyway. So, Should I LIE and tell everyone that the Last Two I bought were STILL A POS? OR, as ALWAYS Tell the TRUTH and Let the BUYER Decide what they want to do.

You See the Same Thing happened to me when I warned my viewers that these fakes were being confiscated by US Customs. At that time I only had the News Papers and the Comments from that Custom Official stating from now on they would not get through. So, After some thinking about it I let anyone interested know THE TRUTH. Sure, things turned out differently and they are no longer after them in customs. And the last two I bought passed through Customs in a few hours just like before.

What SUCKED was that I Caught a BUNCH of Heat for Telling the Truth. WELL Once again Im telling the Truth. The Last Two Fakes I bought have Excellent Hardware and Electronics on them. HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST? I have NO IDEA. BUT, as I stated on my video I WILL post that same guitar again in another 2-4 weeks and let everyone know if it is still working as well as it did from the start. What MORE can anyone Do? Have a good one guys.
BuddhaPickups said Aug 24, 2014 15:23:48
I think his point is:
it kinda becomes hypocritical to purchase 20, 30, or more of these guitars then say I wouldn't recommend anyone else buying them... Nobody would buy that many if they weren't worth buying. If the sellers are such bad people, then why keep buying from them?
It's like going to the same restaurant over and over again but telling everyone it's the worst place to eat ever, the manager is an AHole and nobody else should ever eat there...

It's understood that nobody here should publicly support getting a copyright infringing headstock, and maybe that is the point you are trying to make. But, it's coming off as a very mixed signal buying guitar after guitar and then saying don't waste your time buying them.
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