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anybody used Guitar Monopoly after April 2014?

posted Jul 29, 2014 00:57:46 by benoamj
Hi everyone.
I'm new to the forum but been following CGS on YouTube for a while.
Any way when I ordered my first chibson I ordered from guitar monopoly
Before I had access to the private members forum. I see that he is not on the A list anymore so I am a little worried.
I ordered a custom guitar with my own logo.
It has been 3 weeks so far and I have asked for a photo 3 times.
As yet I have not received one.
So has anybody used them lately.
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ChibsonsandMore said Jul 31, 2014 01:18:18
Three weeks is nothing. Most custom orders take six to eight weeks, no matter how short of a time you were promised. I've had one take about ten to complete.

Give it another week and ask when the guitar will be done instead of for photos, then when they respond tell them you want to see it before it is shipped.
benoamj said Jul 31, 2014 06:54:08
Thanks for the reply,
I have been doing more reading on the forum and can see that on averege its around 25-30 days build time, Along with your post i see i have nothing to fear just yet, even though they told me 10-12.
I wasn't really complaining about the 3 weeks i was more worried that they got removed from the A list and wanted to see if anybody had received a guitar from them in the last few months,
I guess it doesn't really mater anyway because each guitar is different from one to the next.

As for seeing photo's before its shipped i told them before i ordered the guitar that if they ship it without sending me a photo for my conformation i will not sign for it.

probably a bit rude but i wanted to make it clear i wanted photo's.

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