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How long did it take for your Custom Guitar to Get built?

posted Jul 28, 2014 09:54:38 by benoamj
Hello all,
Im a new member and i have ordered my first Custom Chibson,
My question is how long Did it take to Build your custom Guitar.
IE: Custom Logo,Custom serial number, ebont fretboard etc.?

Im shattered because the seller i am using is not on the recommended sellers list, But anyway so far it has been 3 weeks and i keep having to extend the processing time buy 5 days each time.
Im realise 3 weeks is not very long but i was just after a rough time frame on what other members had experienced.

Fingers crossed i get a good one,
I have asked to see a photo on 3 occasions but as yet have yet to recieve any.

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skunkherder said Jul 31, 2014 01:19:40
I got pre-approval pictures right about 35 days. But they messed up and had to redo the headstocks and colors. Order Place May 11th. He is supposed to finally ship them tomorrow.
JosephArksey said Sep 18, 2014 21:39:55
#benoamj, who did you go with ?
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