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Fake Martin D45 but I really like it

posted Jul 12, 2014 03:45:26 by fredgold52
I'd seen these guitars on Aliexpress and was lusting after one seriously. But what sent me over the edge was when I saw a three color sunburst with a 'tree of life' inlaid neck. That was more than I could stand. The D45 is the most ornate model Martin makes, and this Chinese version was even more so.

The set up on it was very good, very playable. Excellent tone and sustain. It has a bone saddle that surprised me. as it turns out, the only thing I didn't like was the Martin name on it. It's a fine guitar at an excellent price and it looks dynomite, but the Martin thing was an embarrassment to me. So I fixed it.

I cut a piece of birch veneer (because that's what I had) to a shape that covered all of the factory inlay. I stained it very dark so it's a good match. I sprayed four coats of nitrocellulose lacquer and applied a sticker I had bought from Jockomo. Looks pretty good. So now I am no longer embarrassed by the Martin logo on a non-Martin guitar. I'm sure others will dissagree with me but that's just how I felt about it.

So here's some pictures of a guitar I like very much.

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AdamLondon said Jul 17, 2014 09:17:14
That looks really nice. I am thinking to get an acoustic next. I was looking at this model last night. The tree inlay looks good sometimes it's hard to tell what they will look like from the sellers pics. For example I always think the PRS copies look bland in the sellers photos but when looking at photos or vids of the guitars people have received some of them look really good.

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