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my chinese chibson

posted Jul 07, 2014 18:01:02 by slickrick197833
I bought this one off of trade tang. The sellers name was barbar or babar I can't remember which. The guitar did not have a logo of any kind on the headstock, but I purchased some decals off ebay that look pretty slick on it. The flame top is beautiful and the pics don't do it justice. In certain lighting conditions the waves appear 3 dimensional. I ordered a second one from ali express that seller was jacey who has been a pleasure to deal with. Its on its way here and when it gets here I'll post pics of it as well.
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slickrick197833 said Jul 07, 2014 18:09:39

slickrick197833 said Jul 07, 2014 18:11:33
Ok oops, I think I did that wrong. Too many photos got uploaded, but they're there none the less. Enjoy!
ChibsonsandMore said Jul 07, 2014 22:10:18
Welcome Rick! She's beautiful.
slickrick197833 said Jul 07, 2014 22:39:27
Thank you sir, glad to be a member! And yes she is beautiful. Actually one of the nicest guitars I own and I actually don't mind it not saying gibson on it. At least I could peel the stickers off of it and sell it if I chose to. She's a damn fine player tho so I think I'll keep it. :)
ChibsonsandMore said Jul 07, 2014 23:00:15
That's a much tighter grain in the maple top than a lot of ours around here. Glad to see it's got a really unique look.

The inlays look good on the fretboard, too.

Headstock is a little too deeply cut across the "open book" part but that's what all of the Chibsons have and doesn't effect playing it one bit!

Hope it gives you a ton of enjoyment and a long term friendship.
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