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Rickenbacker vs. Chickenback pickups

posted Jul 05, 2014 22:09:03 by ScottSansom
Are real Rick bass pickup potted? The pickups on my new Chickenbacker seem to be a bit more microphonic than I remember from a real Rick, though it's been a long time since I've handled one.

If they should be potted has anyone tried to pot their Chickenbacker pickup. I am in the electronics industry and have electronic epoxy potting compound on hand.

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davidisintexas said Aug 23, 2014 16:36:46
Dude, you need to forget that epoxy. What you are going to need is this:

Large Block of regular Paraffin
Large Block of Natural Bees Wax
1 Double Boiler
Meat Thermometer
Set of Tongs
Stack of Paper Towels.
1 Volt Meter
Mix the Paraffin and the Bees Wax 70-30 into the Double Boiler and allow the two to melt but not smoke. Try to JUST Melt them and then let them begin to cool down to around 140 degrees to 150. Then take your Tongs and begin dipping the PUPs still inside their Covers (if any) or Bare and allow the small holes in the Covered Set to Stop bubbling. Once that bubble has stopped coming out of the PUP remove them from the pan and set them on a stack of paper towels. Being SURE to REMOVE any Extra Wax on the Top, Sides, Bottom and Wire. Simply Blot it off do not Suck out the wax inside. Once the PUP has cooled, in about 3-4 hours, you can check to make sure that it's still working and install it once again.

Sure hope this helps....If not check out my Video on Davesintexas where I demo how to do the same..have a good one.
HtesJoseph said Aug 23, 2014 17:03:05
why not just use the electronic epoxy potting compound you already have?,
would love to see a few pics or a review on the chicken backer as I have been up in the air as which model and seller to use.
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