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Rogue guitar strings from Guitar Center for EDS 12-string neck...

posted Jul 04, 2014 04:55:38 by MichaelWamback
...are a total piece or crap. Can't make up my mind if they suck or blow, but definitely one of the two.

I have the "Page" version of the EDS-1275 from REG. It has the tail pieces toward the back of the guitar. Makes it very difficult to find a 12-string set that are long enough. The D'Addario set fits, except for the .008 "G" string that is just too short.

I had experimented with strings from C.B. Gitty in .009 and .010 - more about them later.

So, when I realized that Guitar Center sold bulk strings under the "Rogue" brand - decided to give them a try (since I was told they would be long enough.)

Picked them up today. Went to swap out the "G" string and discovered the .008 Rogue string was just barely long enough. I was able to put it through the post, and then tie it back around itself with some needle nose pliers to get it to lock to the post (not long enough to get enough wraps without it slipping.) Went to tune up and just as I was getting close to in tune - PING - the ball came flying off the end of the string and shot across the room. Sort of dampened my enthusiasm for them in a heartbeat. Glad I only paid about $3 for them.

Went back tot he Gitty strings and discovered something interesting. The .009 string is about a full inch longer than the .010 strings. Not sure if this is always the case with them, but the D'Addario set uses .008 for this string so .009 is pretty close. And the quality of their strings is really good.

So for now - if you have a Page EDS - I would recommend ordering a set of .009 bulk strings from Gitty. I'll order another set in a couple of weeks (also .009) just see if they are the same length. But it's the first strings I've found long enough to comfortably fit this guitar.
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