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is there a go to nut we are using for PRLESS

posted Jul 04, 2014 12:10:45 by HtesJoseph
just wondering what anyone has been using on the PRs style guitars for replacement nuts
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Fanofguitars said Jul 04, 2014 15:02:42
I bought one of these through Amazon. A Graph Tech TUSQ nut. I had to measure twice, my PRS-less plastic nut. The one from Amazon will fit a original PRS SE. My build came as a cross of a PRS with Fender specs. The PRS-less has a scale of 25.5" just like my MIM Strat. But my real PRS has a 24.5" scale. So I have to assume that everything on the replica guitar, dimension spec speaking, is off when I compare it to my original SE Santana. Well most of the dimensions on the PRS-less are actually off. :)

This nut from Amazon is very nice! It fits perfectly on my PRS-less. I bought it for $8.95 with free shipping without the need to buy $35 worth of stuff for free shipping Amazon requires you to spend. That was just a few days ago and its here already. Now another seller is selling it for $11.39 with free shipping. If you want to save a few bucks, you can wait until another seller sells it for the $8.95 price again. Prices fluctuate on Amazon. Graph Tech TUSQ nuts are very nice and have great reviews. Just measure your guitar nut before ordering and you will be good. Hope this helps.
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MichaelWamback said Jul 05, 2014 19:12:54
You can usually find them for a decent price on Ebay as well - but in worst case you usually don't have to spend more than $12 for a good tusq nut.
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