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posted Jun 11, 2014 12:13:49 by ColinRob
Hi to every one .thought I would say hello. I have a LP Supreme on order my first from china. Been following the EMS tracking number thought it was still in china but on parcel force tracking it saying it has been handed over to customs in Coventry if this is good or bad I do not know. So hope to have it very soon. I will write a review when I receive the guitar. about the guitar my experience of ordering who I ordered the guitar from. For me so far it as been very good. I had some good communication with the seller and he was very helpful. If some one can point me in the right direction where to put the review on the site I would be grateful. So to thanks to china guitar sceptic all those that have put on a review and videos. its nice to know that there is some where to go and get help and advice this I a great site. Thanks
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HtesJoseph said Jun 12, 2014 13:20:03

Hey rob, my first purchase was a LP supreme about a month ago from GM, it was very well done . I will link my review later. As far as. Us toms goes, where is the guitar coming in? Mine came through NYC with no problem, does yours have Gibson logo?my. Current order is going on its 4 the day in NYC customs, it has absolutely no infringeing properties( no logo, no " made in USA" no serial #, however I am still a bit worried as this is unusually long, how long has your guitar been in customs?
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