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NBD ! Chender Jazz Bass..

posted Jun 07, 2014 08:47:49 by FrancHughes
£164 quid, just can't complain about that (no customs charges either).. Slight truss rod adjustment needed and off I went!
Planned for a de-fret project (seems a shame as it's a really decent player !)

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HtesJoseph said Jun 07, 2014 14:12:29
Love it,been looking for a correct shaped jazz bass,think I just found it,Can we look forward to a review in the future,how do the pickups sound? and could ya point me in the direction of the seller,
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FrancHughes said Jun 07, 2014 15:20:37
Can't fault it, tried it DI and thru my bass combo, no noise, pickups sound great, all knobs do what they should, even the strings are usable..

Possible upgrade the hardware at a later date and you'd be pushed to tell the difference against the real thing. (My other basses are Musicman Stingray 4, Warwick 5 and a Ibanez MC940 fretless).

Search Aliexpress etc for 'Cream Jazz Bass' .. I got mine thru this seller but you'll see the same picture listed by other sellers as well.
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