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posted Jun 03, 2014 04:29:35 by tikisteve
Not sure if it's a fake but I saw this EDS1275 on ebay and thought the headstock was a little off on the 12 string neck plus it looks like decals instead of the MOP. Did Gibson put decals on the EDS?
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SteveTebble said Jun 03, 2014 09:42:23
Truss rod cover is not central either. That shouts "CHIBSON!" to me.
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MichaelWamback said Jun 03, 2014 14:37:34
You really have to look at the body contours. I've never seen a Chibson that was correctly done. Having said that, this could also have been built from some type of blueprint or kit.

Looking at the photos, and comparing them to the actual Gibson, the body contour looks correct on this one.

A lot of Chibsons have 22 fret necks, where as this one has the correct 20 frets.

This one also has the correct Gibson pickguards installed (5-ply b/w/b/w/b) whereas the Chibsons generally have 3-ply guards.

The bridges are also the correct USA spec Gibson bridges.

I wouldn't be too concerned about a slightly crooked truss cover - Gibson is famous for this type of stuff.

So if it's a Chibson, it's the best one I've ever seen.

What does concern me is the "Gibson" on the necks. They look like inlays that were done after the fact, and not that well. There might be some other explanation for it, maybe over polishing or something, but that just doesn't look right to me. Just too crude.

So I'm not 100% sure. Based on all the structural details, I would say genuine. But the Gibson logos just don't look close to what Gibson normally would do.
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