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posted May 29, 2014 06:43:48 by JamesZhejiang
Continuing in my series of unpopular guitars, behold the ES335 I recently bought, from the same factory that supplies Hina, and Cathy. Cost was 1400CNY, excluding case and postage. Plays really well out of the box, only thing I have changed is the Bigsby, for a Korean made one.

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TrickyRicky said May 29, 2014 07:37:31
Unique perhaps rather than unpopular. Had wondered what these spalted ones were like, good to see, thanks. Have to admire the skill and inventiveness of the makers.
"For some, the safest thing is to steer clear of these guitars."
GsxJones said May 29, 2014 09:48:45
Wow,I love that!!! I especially like the neck position inlay's. That would be a very popular guitar in my small but growing collection, given the chance!
I have a Chibson ES-335/355 type guitar,and it's a lot better in construction etc than some LP's I seen. Ten out of ten from me. I love it!
filthypit said May 30, 2014 13:47:53
holy crap!
the fret markers are GREAT!

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Fanofguitars said May 30, 2014 14:17:37
That is gorgeous. I don't play big guitars like that but that one I can make room for on the wall. Nice.
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TrickyRicky said Jun 09, 2014 14:03:34
"my collection is complete": no it isn't, there's always room for more, well maybe not room, but desire or GAS.
"can't find any more unusual guitars": you haven't got one of these yet
"For some, the safest thing is to steer clear of these guitars."
TrickyRicky said Jun 17, 2014 20:51:08
This must be one of the wildest around: angel
"For some, the safest thing is to steer clear of these guitars."
ChibsonsandMore said Jun 19, 2014 04:40:09
That's actually a fake from an ESP Custom Shop guitar, Ricky.

If you've never seen the wacky stuff their Japan custom shop puts out, you're in for a treat if you google them.
TrickyRicky said Jun 19, 2014 09:01:07
Thanks ChibsonandMore. Ultra fancy designs and prices even more so I'd imagine.

The AliExpress seller, Dan Li, has a factory (Filthypit's used them and I have a custom build from Susan Li at Musoo, same same) and I would think their version would come very roughly hewn.

Dan Li is also doing the Prince Purple Rain guitar. Bold man!
"For some, the safest thing is to steer clear of these guitars."
Fanofguitars said Jun 19, 2014 23:55:38
TrickyRicky, that Prince one is cool. I like this Prince one also. Dude, there is always room for one more guitar. :)
ChibsonsandMore said Jun 20, 2014 02:13:37
I seriously cannot fit any more into my collection after my recent orders. 14 is just the maximum capacity for what I can fit in my home for sure.
Fanofguitars said Jun 20, 2014 02:40:40
14 wow! I have 9 "real" guitars. The "replica" from REG is my first and will make ten, for only a day or two. I did promise my wife I would fund this new one by selling some of them. The problem becomes, which one goes to fund the new one? G.A.S. problems....
ChibsonsandMore said Jun 20, 2014 03:52:34
ESP MX-250II Explorer from REG
ESP JH-3 from REG
Chibson Les Paul in metallic purple from REG
ESP Snakebyte from Cathy
ESP MX-250II 7 string from Cathy
Chibson Les Paul Custom in ebony from Cathy
Chibson Les Paul Custom in white from Guitar Monopoly
ESP Eclipse II USA-24 from Kevin Shi
ESP MX-220 from Kevin Shi
Chibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst from Cathy
Chibson Les Paul Standard Manhattan Midnight from Cathy
Silverburst custom order "Eclipse" shape from Cathy
Greenburst custom order "PRS 22" shape from Cathy
Grey/ebony burst custom order from HiHa Music

I've got other real guitars, a Squire Affinity Strat, an ESP LTD Iron Cross, and an Edwards Japan explorer.
Fanofguitars said Jun 20, 2014 19:30:41
I would say you are a seasoned veteran when it come to ordering guitars from China. Lol. You must see a post where someone is freaking out when their first guitar is in customs just for a few days and think to yourself "rookies". Lmao. Nice collection. Looks like Cathy took care of you pretty well with the guitars you got from her.
JamesZhejiang said Jun 21, 2014 03:08:36
I showed this thread to my wife. Buying a Chibson for 600CNY seems harmless compared to this guy:

But I have reached 7 guitars now (not all Chibsons), and am seriously hesitating about buying an SG...

Fanofguitars said Jun 21, 2014 03:37:03
That poor dude took a beating! Lol. Yeah, I use to be a paramedic and now I am disabled. My wife works and we are okay with money. But, I don't feel right buying anymore guitars. When I got disabled everything changed. I made good money and I spent good money on guitars. I have got a wall full of guitars on display. But I think it's time for someone else to enjoy my babies. I gonna put together and keep the one coming from REG, but I'm going to sell my little collection of real guitars. My wife actually doesn't want me to sell them. I just want to have a nice one to play, sell the rest and put it into savings for a rainy day for either my 4 year old kid, my wife or I. Having a guitar collection was my favorite hobby. It's a lot of fun getting them!
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