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Wondering why?

posted May 28, 2014 12:59:33 by Fanofguitars
While this is not any news, per se, but I thought I would post this up here since I am asking this community of forum members this question.

What is your reason for buying or wanting to buy a guitar from China?

For me, I love the idea of buying a guitar from let's say, rareelectricguitar that you can customize. A guitar that you design and build your way that is somewhat affordable. As a guitar addict ( admitting you have a problem is half the battle ;) ) the idea of buying a guitar made the way you want it is very appealing to me. And to save a lot money in the process is a big reason for me. I live in the states and buying a custom guitar would run minimum $1000 and up. Mind you, I do say " idea " a bit as to not having received my order from REG as of today.

Try to be honest. If it's like, I like Gibbys and can't afford one, feel free to say it. And please remember, this is more a bout why and let's try to not judge each other. People should feel free to express themselves.

Thanks in advance in participating.

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SteveTebble said May 28, 2014 13:06:49
Well I've had loads of really nice guitars in my life. MIA 57 Vintage Reissue 57 Strat, Gibson Custom Shop 59 Les Paul, Explorer, 335, Rickembacker 12-string and bass, Martin acoustic ... all gone now. I no longer have the resources to acquire them, or keep them. But if I go to China I can. Simple as that.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
Fanofguitars said May 28, 2014 13:21:10
Wow. That is a cool list of guitars there. And they are all different in shape, weight, balance and tones. If you don't mind me asking, when you did replace those guitar with Chinese versions, were you happy with the quality of these guitars? I am wondering if Chinese versions come close to the feel of an original one.
MustangJessie said May 28, 2014 13:34:09
In my 50's now I have owned a number of R9's and R8's, and a 335, along with Yaron and Bobburst LP replicas, but for the music I'm playing now a high end guitar makes almost no difference live. I've also sold off a number of tube amps in favour of a Kemper Amp, although I do still have a self built JTM50 clone that I absolutely love to bits :)

I've ten electric guitars in the stable of which 30% are Chinese and do a perfectly adequate job, and two of the others are really good late model Epiphone 335's (Korean I think?) one of which is my number 1. I also still have the Bobburst for those moments when I really do need to feel some old Les Paul based blues come alive :)

I bought the Chibsons simply because they were at a price I could justify to myself having extra guitars. The Epi equivalents being roughly twice the price were not.

Jason said May 28, 2014 22:10:37
I have always wanted to own a name brand guitar but could never justify the expense. If i was a pro musician then i could. But i am not. So when i heard about these Chinese fakes I knew this would be the closest i could get to the real thing.

Also i have never modded a guitar before and was really looking forward to doing it.
It is a fun project guitar. If i had more money i would expand my collection with a few more. Sadly the missus says no more unless i sell one other other one.(obviously that cant happen)

So a big thank you to CGS for all his videos. He inspired me to take the chance. So glad i did as i have never so much fun!!

Fanofguitars said May 28, 2014 22:52:25
Jason, I'm with you. I've done many set-ups but never put a guitar together such as the electronics and hardware. I'm excited to get my build so I can start work on it. I'm also in the same situation with my wife. Since I am really hoping this guitar I'm getting from REG is a decent build, construction wise, I know I can set it up to play the way I like it. But, while putting this future build together, my deal with my wife is that one of my current guitars has to go to help fund this future one which in turn, will not be sellable to fund anymore future guitars. I'll will have to wait until this guitar is built in order to decide which one of these has to go: a vintage burst PRS Santana SE, a black with tortoise shell pick guard with gold lace pick ups MIM Strat, a 614ce Taylor or my GS Mini Taylor. I have few other cheaper guitars and instruments but one of these nicer ones will have to help fund this project, according to deal I have with my wife. This is what you call, guitar addict problems.
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SpR said May 29, 2014 10:05:41
The main reason I buy Chibsons is because you can get custom shop options at high street prices (or less). Want a 3 pickup blue burst quilt top flying v with a bigsby? China can do it for you (probably).

In my case, I REALLY like the Gibson Duane Allman sig Les Paul, but there's no way I'll ever be able to afford one (plus I'm pretty sure they're all sold). And Epiphone aren't doing one. So my only choice is hang around ebay hoping that someone puts up a reasonably priced LP in the right colour, or I send a picture of it off to a Chinese company (REG for me) and have it made for the same cost as an Epi LP.
JoeyChoi said Jun 04, 2014 13:47:48
I just want a guitar I can mod and gig with that I won't be TOO terribly upset if I broke/lost/get stolen since I have a genuine gibson as well.
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