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Fake Slash AFD on eBay?

posted May 21, 2014 22:02:44 by SpR

It's based in the US, not the UK.
Not 100% certain it's fake... it says in the listing it's an "unofficial prototype" made "not in one of those counterfeit Chinese shops". But he goes on to say he managed to contact Epiphone and find out it was made in 2010.

-The body shape doesn't look right
-The Slash logo is located too close to the truss rod cover (check the Epi website, there should be a noticeable gap)
-The bridge pickup has been mounted "correctly" for an AFD but the pole pieces are on the wrong bobbin so they're not genuine SDs
-The back looks like the type of mahogany used for Chibsons
-The serial number marks it out as being made in 2011 in a factory not on the guitar dater project's database

Anyone like to confirm/ say otherwise?
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MichaelWamback said May 22, 2014 20:45:50
Much harder to tell Epi fakes from Gibsons, but I suspect this guy is being legit. He seems to have done his homework.
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rigidrecords said Jun 01, 2014 15:28:56
Well, for whatever reason, I can't Start a topic on my own, so I'll just post here...

Is this possibly fake? Seems to have an import bridge and the price is very low for a Zakk LP
sjcrowe6 said Jun 02, 2014 02:56:10
The case is a fake and I suspect so is the guitar. Without being able to inspect the guitar, I'd want to take a peek under the truss rod cover to be sure.
SteveTebble said Jun 02, 2014 10:07:08
Diamond looks a bit too small to me, also the tip of the lower horn is blunter than usual.
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