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anybody gigging with a chinese bass

posted May 16, 2014 21:20:31 by HtesJoseph
I am gigging pretty much every weekend (mabey 3 weekends a month,)fri and sat nights with one of my 2 bands. We do a couple of songs where we switch up and I take over on the guitar,and the guitar player plays bass,so I got to play my new chibson supreme during all the lead work in "as my guitar gently weeps",the thing sings like a bird,everyone in my band (even the drummer) wants a chibson,just wondering if anyone has a china bass there gigging with and if so how does it perform?
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brasslungs91 said May 28, 2014 20:48:33
Yeah, I'm wondering how the Chinese Basses perform too. I'm looking to get a Chender P bass but there's very little info about them (or any other bass for that matter). I'm gonna take the risk regardless so hopefully in the next month or so I can post my experience with it.
HtesJoseph said Jun 01, 2014 13:24:03
sweet,are you planning on doing any customization to it,or just get an off the shelf model,I bought a usa p bass deluxe a couple years ago and im kicking my self,great bass,but I would have preferred to have it china made and home customized,anyway,keep us posted on the outcome overhere in the bass section,no one visits mucvh
My band page on Facebook, The Damn Hippies. Like it if you like it. (*};=/
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