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Chibby Lp supreme from GMAIL

posted May 15, 2014 23:55:02 by HtesJoseph
The only bad thing I can find with this guy is the line running down the center is obnoxiously obvious.but that's it,fret work is flawless ,finish is decent,pickups are decent,service and communication was great,case is solid,oh I should also mention the mother of pearl earth logo is really good,but the "supreme" that is written over it is an epic fail,had I known it was an option, I would have left it off.Overall I am VERY happy with the entire purchase

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Andy54 said May 21, 2014 09:37:01
This is a pretty stunning looking guitar.

How close does it match the real thing eg weight, nut width, body depth etc ?

I just received a Chibson and it's just a toy only fit for a entry level player in middle school.
HtesJoseph said May 23, 2014 12:35:59
Its pretty good all around,definetly not a toy by any stretch,Im a bass player but there are 3 songs where we trade instruments and this thing just kills, it is a bit lighter weight than a regular supreme, but that's ok,sorry about your shitty toy guitar,Im about to post a full review over in the "your guitars" sub forum
My band page on Facebook, The Damn Hippies. Like it if you like it. (*};=/
Rob said Jun 11, 2014 16:21:58
Very cool!
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MustangJessie said Jun 11, 2014 17:27:41
Knob position looks spot on too.
LucaPasini said Jun 14, 2014 13:41:33
Really good looking guitar! I wonder how you can have access to knobs and wiring, as I can't see any plastic cover...
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