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Dyeing your fretboard,idea's please??

posted May 09, 2014 15:48:38 by GsxJones
I bought some ebony wood dye for my ES355 Chibson. The fretboard/fingerboard is nice,but lack's a certain something with it's colour.
Can anybody tell me,should I use a wood pore filler before I apply the ebony dye?? I think this could be called a wood grain filler?
Id like to make it look like a proper ebony board,but Im not 100% confident.
Any suggestion's please???
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GsxJones said May 11, 2014 17:38:56
Ive kind of worked this one out myself.
Ive just used Rustin's ebony wood dye without any grain filler,and it look's good.
GsxJones said May 11, 2014 17:40:00
Another couple of application's,and it should look really even and like ebony. I hope!
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