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posted May 06, 2014 15:01:40 by RussGreer
I got a email saying I had a new message from a seller I have been dealing with for months and recently placed a order with. I log in to aliexpress and our conversation doesnt show up... it was 16 pages long (I believe the first conversation was in feb or march of this year. So I try logging in with a different browser no change the messages from the seller are gone. Like I stated I had recently placed a order with the seller and as of last night found a mistake, I had resent a message stating the options I wanted for the guitar they came back with a change would have to be made, I said thats fine but I wanted it as I had listed. Now today I see they stopped selling the guitar I based the order off of and my conversation with them no longer shows up. Now if I click a email that I got from the seller yesterday our whole conversation from the beginning shows up. If I log into my aliexpress account or click on the email I got from the seller today the conversation is gone...

Now this is a trusted seller, highly recommended etc. I have like I said been talking with them for months. As far as I knew this wasnt a major issue but aparently it is. I try to send a message to them today and it shows I sent it but it doesnt show up in my conversation lists. So for some reason they may have me on ignore or blocked.
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filthypit said May 06, 2014 16:37:33
Word ~ Just had the exact same problem w/ Angel Hu ...
I'm in the middle of a purchase frm her and the pics she esent me don't show in my msg history(???)

a place, not a physical attribute ~ my friends call me filth
RussGreer said May 06, 2014 16:43:23
crazy stuff...........
ChibsonsandMore said May 06, 2014 21:48:58
Happened to me as well. I think it is an issue with Aliexpress.
RussGreer said May 06, 2014 21:59:16
Ya must of been some sort of glitch somewhere.....
ChibsonsandMore said May 06, 2014 22:12:44
I just found out all the messages I tried to send earlier this morning went through even though they weren't showing up. Guess Cathy got the same message five times!
RussGreer said May 06, 2014 22:13:43
heh.... bet her in box will be flooded.... doh. The message I got this morning was cathy: Hi
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ChinaGuitar Sceptic said May 07, 2014 17:42:47
RussGreer said May 07, 2014 18:08:52
Ya..... I got a reply from her last night....

but i think better we have some time waitting to see what your USA now situations
if u hear this news?

i think better we wait for moment to see what happened from USA situations then to start building our this guitar ok?


my other guitar came thru SF customs...
ChibsonsandMore said May 07, 2014 18:19:56
This is what she sent me:

Hello Will,u mean this news?

So let us wait several days,to see what indeed will happy at your USA,if all are ok,we start buidlign that guitar,if not ok,i will refuns u that 100USD

for that news,u hear that from Bulk order,,but my heard seems not bulk order,but retail orders with yellow tape for each packing

IF u have more information about this event?
SteveTebble said May 07, 2014 19:28:49
Blimey, she doesn't believe something she read on the Les Paul forum surely?
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
GrandSpector said May 07, 2014 19:53:00
oh wow, some of those comments on the LP forum....
Now I remembered why I am keeping away from that place.
ParéjJózsef said May 07, 2014 20:30:59
LP forum is the meanest place ever, I can't even enjoy their flame wars...
Just call me Joe ;)
Proud owner of my 7-string "Bear" LP.
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