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Have you ever seen a chinese copy of a gibson TP-6 tailpiece??

posted May 06, 2014 15:08:45 by GsxJones
Im looking for a TP-6 fine tune tailpiece for my semi. Have you seen any on Aliexpress? Ive searched and searched,but come up blank. Im not fussed about the performance of the tailpiece,its for look's.
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slickrick197833 said Jul 08, 2014 02:22:44
Sometimes you can find them on ebay. I bought 3 last year, but they weren't chinese they were korean. They were stamped epiphone on the bottom. Never know tho, maybe they were chinese. I picked up the tailpiece with studs and inserts and the TOM bridge with studs and inserts for like 30 bux. You kinda gotta search for them tho because they are listed under tune-o-matic bridge. And there's a lot of those on ebay. May not be anymore, I'm not sure about that. I was buying em left and right every time I saw one for a while. Then they kinda dried up and some sellers were raising the prices.
SteveTebble said Jul 08, 2014 15:29:45
Well I've never seen a copy of one of these, nor do I ever want to! The originals were bad enough. I had one installed on a custom-built guitar some years ago and couldn't get on with it. It's okay until you need to detune any of the strings, then those tuners stick up a bit further than the others and get in the way of your hand.

I've since discovered that violin tailpieces use a similar idea. But that doesn't matter, as neither of the player's hands are anywhere near it!
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slickrick197833 said Jul 08, 2014 15:35:32
I guess maybe that's true if you have fingers the size of sausages. I love em and have them on all my les pauls. Matter fact anything that has a stop tailpiece too. The fine tuners don't bother me at all. How different is it than a floyd rose??
MichaelWamback said Jul 08, 2014 16:32:18
I don't get the point of it. It's a tailpiece, not a trem. So why on earth would you need it? The only reason to have an additional set of tuners on the tail is if you have a locking nut, and without a trem that just doesn't make any sense to me. I suppose you might be able to reach them quicker if your guitar goes out of tune during a song - but that means your guitar isn't holding tune so it need repair. If you have a good nut and tuners, this would seem completely redundant to me.

Now, if it were to replace the bridge as a stand alone unit, and the small adjustment screws moved the saddles for intonation - that I would get.
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slickrick197833 said Jul 08, 2014 16:47:47
Yeah but for real haven't you ever noticed that just the weight of you arm pulling on the neck when adjusting the tuners has a slight affect on the tune it holds? Sort of like when you bow the neck to get a whammy bar type sound only not as much stress to the neck. I personally don't like to touch the neck while fine tuning. And I find its easier to reach down and not have to pull on the neck. Because just the weight of your arm and hand has a change on it. Plus then I don't have to go up and down again with the tuners because when the string is inside the tailpiece it has constant tension on it and no nut to pass over. I always tend to use a roller bridge in conjunction with the tp-6 for added tuning stability. To each his own and everyone has their preference, I just am really anal about certain things when it comes to tuning. Like for instance, I tune the tuners tightening them until I get it right and don't go backwards. After the forward tension is set on the tuner, I use the tailpiece to tune. To me it just creates a more stable platform for keeping it in better tune. Just my opinion tho and to each his own as stated before. My old man prefers the schaller tailpiece vs the tp-6 because it goes over the tops of the studs. To him he thinks it transfer more sound to the body of the guitar. And maybe he's right, I just like the looks of a tp-6 better and have always used them with good results so I stick with them.
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