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Cathy will not sell me a guitar??

posted May 06, 2014 05:04:11 by HtesJoseph
I got into a chat with her just now and tried to place an order for a PRS style,(custom logo, no birds, no private stock, no serial #,nothing,) she is scared, yes I am east coast USA,and I get it, Id be scared to, but she just keeps replying with the link to the 185 guitar seizure article,ah,maybey Ill go with REG??I'm sure my $$ is good somewhere LOL
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HtesJoseph said May 06, 2014 05:27:12
I geuss she knows something I don't, She insists it was not a bulk seizure but 185 single retail shipment sales ,and that there is a crackdown and to give her "many several days"
My band page on Facebook, The Damn Hippies. Like it if you like it. (*};=/
sjcrowe6 said May 06, 2014 05:52:05
Cathy monitors this forum and she probably heard about the seizures here. Hope she doesn't believe that her guitars are now worth what the article claimed :(
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577-Jersey said May 06, 2014 12:15:41
I'm glad she knows about it,,
Maybe they can figure out a way to get us our guitars by packing them differently,,also I would inquire about having them take the guitars apart and shipping them in a kit fashion(smaller flat box like the DIY kits).I am more than capable of setting up a guitar and gluing in a set neck the proper way,,especially if it is already finished,possibly a cheaper price this way as well :)

Another idea would be to build a bunch without logos,serial#'s,ect...and fill a USA based warehouse up,,then sell them on ebay or a webpage,,we are their #1 market so you know they are going to figure something out like that :)

Wonder if is experiencing the same problems,,getting one from them was my next option :)
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GrandSpector said May 06, 2014 12:33:13
the problem with set-necks is that you have to finish them after setting and gluing them in.
577-Jersey said May 06, 2014 13:05:29
Yeah,,that's true,but I would be happy just sanding it down to 400-600 then using a gun stock oil like tru-oil,,even danish oil or linseed makes a beautiful finish for a neck,,then oil the fret board and your done.I like the natural finishes,if people are going to want to keep getting these guitars they are gonna have to deal with some changes,,IMO the Chinese should have NEVER made them look identical to the originals and put made in USA with fake logos and serial #'s then try to market them in the USA,,that was plain stupid!!,,that was the first mistake.I would gladly buy a custom shaped guitar from Cathy in a heart beat as I am not really crazy about the LP or PRS body style anyway :)
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TomS. said May 06, 2014 14:39:03
I just noticed that Cathy removed most of the guitars from her store. Guitar Monopoly has done the same.
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577-Jersey said May 06, 2014 15:03:13
They are going to have a big meeting and revamp the site,,I hope :)
GrandSpector said May 06, 2014 15:08:25
it might be due to the backlog that was created over the recent holidays
my guess would be that they took everything out that has to be produced first and they only left whatever they have in stock
HtesJoseph said May 06, 2014 20:16:51
The only folks out of all the a list sellers who are willing to work with me are REG, changes indeed,, they will figure something out
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ChinaGuitar Sceptic said May 07, 2014 22:46:08
It may be that the seller does not matter folks. Until I have proof I can't and won't say more.
skunkherder said May 08, 2014 03:41:33
Chatted with her a few minutes ago, she said she is waiting to see what happens. She said "USA now strictly seized copy brands guitar".
rigidrecords said May 09, 2014 00:34:17
Yeah, I had been talking with Cathy about a custom guitar, just days before all this broke with the customs thing. Well, I write her back to say, we can hang on a bit until this clears and go from there, but she has yet to reply.
SteveTebble said May 09, 2014 07:24:54
Cathy said she could take my next order, but bear in mind that I'd specified no logo, no serial number and no truss rod cover.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
HtesJoseph said May 11, 2014 04:56:02
Yes she got back to me also, said if zip code starts with 5 6 or 7 she could not build ,as that is Chicago, (what does she know??,I thought we were over that hump) I told her my stuff comes through NYC,she says its fine
My band page on Facebook, The Damn Hippies. Like it if you like it. (*};=/
angev2 said Jul 18, 2014 15:05:18
Not directly related but while shopping around for my Chibson - a few big name sellers
did not want to touch my order. I only asked for fret nibs, a different color and a one piece neck. I got the feeling that they're now too big for their boots and can afford to knock back special requests. Interesting.
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