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Hi from NJ!!!

posted May 04, 2014 13:21:49 by 577-Jersey
Hey guys my name is Tommy from NJ and I have been playing guitar for over 25 years.I was very happy to find this forum,,looks like alot of great people and well thought out info.
Catch ya in the forum!!

Tom :)
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HtesJoseph said May 04, 2014 13:43:27
Hey Tommy from Jersey!, glad ya made it, my drummer is from Jersey, we call him THE JERSEY HAMMER!!!,So are you a bass player or just guitar. Do you know of anyone who got caught up in that whole thing where customs in New Jersey recently confiscated 180 guitars?,any who,welcome
My band page on Facebook, The Damn Hippies. Like it if you like it. (*};=/
577-Jersey said May 04, 2014 14:10:20
Thats cool,
I was a drummer in a cover band back in 90s,,mostly just play guitar now,,thrash metal,80s metal.I do not know anybody who got caught up in the mess.
I had my heart set on a custom ESP LP style,,had it all picked out and just about ready to order than I heard this crap,,guess i will sit back and wait a while.
The Jersey HAMMER,,thats funny!!

Here is my youtube channel if you want to see me jammin a little lol

Take care bro :)
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