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Guess Who Opened Shop in My Neighborhood?

posted May 04, 2014 15:42:48 by stanton.kramer
Driving down the road my GF spots a sign "Guitar Outlet". Crappy little sign on the side of the road, a few small shops in this little area. But we pulled in to check it out.

Ever hear of Dean Guitars? This is the man. I guess he has a new line of guitars and just happened to park his outlet 10 minutes from my house! Some very nice guitars. A lot of them are "blems" and he had to point them out to me, but compared to what I might expect from China they are nothing.

I didn't see one guitar over $500!!! Most are made in Indonesia and the bodies and necks.. OMG. I fell in love with his Strats. He has one with a split humbucker bridge that I have my eye on. Beautiful. They have a two point floating trem. Just awesome. I'm going to get one if I can swing it. The great thing is, I can go there, play to my heart's content and pick the one I want and walk out. I'm told his internet prices are higher than the outlet prices.

I didn't take many closeup photos this time. Also I played thru his amp which I was just an OK old Peavey tube amp.

If anyone wants to get one of these guitars I'll be happy to go over there an check it out for you personally. Not sure what his shipping terms are, but I don't know why he couldn't accommodate you. BTW... He has a tech on site (the long haired guy on the right.

Not a Chinese seller, but thought some might be interested.

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bhazard451 said May 04, 2014 21:14:11
His guitars are incredible. I have 3 from when he was at DBZ Guitars.

I have the 2013 DBZ Barchetta with EMG 81/85. You can buy one at right now for $329 on closeout. It is made in Korea from the same factory as Schecter, and the body is almost an exact copy of the Schecter Hellraiser.

His new Dean Zelinsky Private Label company is basically the same as the DBZ Guitars. They are far and away better than any Chinese guitar you can buy, and your seller is literally the guy making the guitar! (Well, the PRS and Schecter factory is making it according to his specs.

Where is his shop located?
stanton.kramer said May 04, 2014 21:25:02
Dean is in Highland Park Illinois.

I liked the way his semi-LP looking guitar played (don't know which model). It's sort of a cross between a LP and a PRS and a LTD. I didn't get a fair listen to it because his amp wasn't the best, but he said to bring my amp next time. I really don't have a need for that model guitar at the moment, but his Strat copies (for the price) are to die for.

His Strats go by the name of Tagliare. They have a compound fingerboard radius. I didn't see a maple fingerboard among them. The neck was a little thicker than my standard MIM Strat neck, was well finished and felt really good. The only thing is that he is a single coil guy and with the exception of his HSS model I might have some issues where I live (dirty electricity).

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ParéjJózsef said May 04, 2014 22:10:06
I'm a huge fan of his work at DBZ, but they are so expensive here(huge vat+the shop's profit, etc) the better ones usually go over a thousand here... can't buy them when you make 500 a month XD but anyway, they are great guitars!
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TrickyRicky said May 05, 2014 07:18:33
Good info there Stanton. Dean's site links to sales in Europe via Thomann for anyone interested.
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