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Pure Nickel Strings

posted Apr 30, 2014 17:05:41 by stanton.kramer
I was browsing the Strat-Talk forum and saw a threat regarding pure nickel strings. What drew my attention were two things: They were warmer, and tend to bend easier.

On my MIM Strat I had some Ernie Ball hybrid 9-46. And while they were nice, this particular Strat had a very cool, almost cold tone to it. So last night I got some DR Blues, pure nickel strings 10-46 and put em on.

I can only say I'm *very* pleased with them. In short, they rounded out the sound, and as promised reduced bending effort a bit. But an unintended benefit was, for whatever reason, material or thicker gauge, increased the sustain.

I've also got some Gibson vintage pure nickel 10's that I'm going to put on my Chibson on the next string change. Would also like to get my hands on some Curt Mangan nickel strings.
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MichaelWamback said Apr 30, 2014 19:14:07
I've used nickle coated steel on my metal guitars, and prefer them over pure nickle. I do use pure nickle on the 12-string. The big advantage to the steel is that they won't break as quickly when you bend the hell out of them, but they are a bit stiffer. And it's the extra bit of stiffness that equals less sustain.
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stanton.kramer said Apr 30, 2014 19:21:23
I'm not sure where I'll end up string-wise on my LP's. I'll try the Gibson vintage on my Chibson, but looking for something brighter than the Dunlop Nickel wound that I have on there now.

Now the test... I'm off to GC with my Strat. I want to get side by side with a Deluxe or custom shop and see how my modded MIM stacks now that I have the nickel strings on it. . Not sure if I can make a recording.
stanton.kramer said May 02, 2014 02:09:30
Just realized how long it's been since I changed strings on the Chibson. I put Gibson Vintage Pure Nickel strings on it just to check them out...

...OMG!!! I think it's what I've been missing on this guitar all along. The sound was thicker, warmer and yet the lows had a crispness that I just wasn't getting. With the other strings the sound was "sweet" but had no bite.

BTW... I played my MIM Strat against a couple other higher end Strats yesterday. It stood up EXTREMELY well in both playability and sound. The rounded fret ends and rounded fingerboard did it justice and it had a more broken in feeling which I really like. I think I can attribute some of it to the new strings. I put up a Sound Cloud file on one of the other topics. The Strat is the last example, although the ditty I selected to play wasn't exactly Strat material. (Note If you should listen to the sound file, the Chibson on the sound file was BEFORE the string change).
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