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Hipshot Baby Grand bridge??

posted Apr 30, 2014 19:18:19 by RussGreer
Anybody used/heard of these? Look interesting enough... cant tell if the body has to just have 2 post holes or all 4 are covered by the bridge. Their website says it retrofits on gibson style guitars though
is pricey......

yeah the chick is good looking too.....
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SteveTebble said Apr 30, 2014 23:48:27
What guitar?
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
ParéjJózsef said May 01, 2014 07:02:07
well for that baby I'd go over many bridges....

It looks to be a simple locking-post bridge with aa tailpiece attached, looks nice, surely high quality.
Just call me Joe ;)
Proud owner of my 7-string "Bear" LP.
RussGreer said May 01, 2014 16:16:37
for a Les Paul style guitar.......
Yes it does look to be of high quality.
ChibsonsandMore said May 02, 2014 05:26:34
Much cheaper on Reverb:

I hate to say this makes me want another guitar... Dang you guys for putting ideas in my head!

Also, it only takes up two mounts. So if you've got a ABR-1 and a stoptail you will have two posts left open.

This would be a direct replacement onto something like a PRS wrap around though.
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RussGreer said May 02, 2014 15:06:20
Ah now you know you should get another guitar and try it out.......
ChibsonsandMore said May 02, 2014 17:33:07
Honestly if Maggie from HiHamusic doesn't pull through on my current order with her, I'll get my money back and order up a wrap around PRS style from Cathy just for this bridge.
ChibsonsandMore said May 04, 2014 22:02:31
So, talking with Cathy now...

This guitar very well may be my swan song with Chinese guitars. I said I'd stop after my last order, but...

That bridge on a guitar in this finish? Must have. Also going to see if they can do a flamed maple neck.

GrandSpector said May 05, 2014 12:24:58
that is tempting...though I already have blue guitars, so green should be my next go to.
keep us posted about this guitar ChibsonsandMore! :)
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