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Why do I think Klusons tuners look cheap?

posted Apr 29, 2014 20:25:28 by stanton.kramer
I know they're vintage and there seems to be a coolness factor and authenticity about them. But I just can't help but feel they look cheap and flimsy. Grovers just look more solid and substantial. Also, especially with some of the Chinese guitars I've seen them out of alignment which makes me even more leery.

I've never owned a guitar with them so I'm not talking from experience only my own visual prejudices. Anyone want to try to convince me that I'm wrong?
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MichaelWamback said Apr 29, 2014 21:36:28
I like both - and as for one or two being crooked a bit, you obviously haven't looked at too many vintage Gibsons. Not at all unusual to see a tuner a bit crooked on them either.

And a crooked tuner is easy enough to fix. You need to fill the hole with a bit of match stick and let the glue dry. You then just drill a couple of new pilot holes for the screws and done. You only have to shift the tuner a hair to straighten it, so the repair should be hidden by the tuner itself, meaning no need to even touch up the finish. But one slightly crooked is not a big deal.

For me, it depends on the guitar. Kluson style vintage tuners look awesome on some, while Grovers look better on others.
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