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Twin Neck and 355 issues from Andy Yeh

posted Apr 24, 2014 07:41:51 by zoso666
Hi everyone,
I received this twin neck in December and yes i expected issues with frets and nut which i duly got (dents in frets and nut a mile high!)
However my concern,although difficult to see initially is some rudementary build issues.
Pickups on 6 string are badly placed,especially bridge pickup,which slants and needs re mounting wwhich involves drilling,modified scratch plates etc.
Rythmn pickup is also out and slopes away at an angle.
Tailpiece on 6 string is wronglly centrered (look at string path if you can,it needs remounting to the left by about 5 mm).
The scratchplate on 6 string is wrongly cut,see lower horn,it hangs over the lower bout recess,again hard to see on pics i'm afraid.
Case was also damaged and compartment was loose inside leaving bare nails .
Now i have deliberatly not posted on here as i was so disappointed and i also gave Andy another chance as he apologised and gave me $70(his profit) of another purchase.
So i ordered a 355 of his site (the blue one with bigsby) and he took the $70 off.
However it is nearly May and it has been one delay after another,all i asked for was to change the blue "stain" to white so i can still see the flame etc,then i he tried to post a solid white 335 last week with no bigsby etc,the apologised again.
As you know i have said very littl eon this site and believe in sorting things out myselg but i am at the end of my tether with this guy (comms have been very patchy lately).
I KNOW what to expect issue wise with these guys but if felt like 2 different ppl had made wach part of the twin neck! (12 string is fine!).
Also check out the size oh the headstock on the 12 string,that is HUGE compared to the Page model i ordered,again i guess i was starry eyed and allowed him to post!
Moral of the story is,ASK for photos and be objective!
So if i cancell this 355,i fear i wont get the $70 from twin neck bsck also!

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MichaelWamback said Apr 24, 2014 15:39:57
With the exception of the oversize headstock, I think most of the other issues can be corrected without too much trouble. But yes, I've seen better build quality - and certainly my REG EDS-1275 is much better than this.

If you are really lucky, I suspect you can fill and redrill the holes for the pickup mounting ring and tail piece. I'm guessing that the shifts will be small enough so that the filled holes don't show, and will be hidden by the hardware. With the pickup, you may need to go a bit in opposite directions on both top and bottom to get it straight, so you don't have to travel so far. Hopefully, you won't have to touch up the finish.

I wouldn't loose sleep over the pickguard. Those 3-ply guards look like cheap crap anyway, and you want to replace it with a proper 5-ply (b/w/b/w/b) custom guard.

I would still keep most of this stuff in the "expect it from a Chibson" range.

What I do think is excessive is the poor communication and issues you are having getting things resolved. Andy has made you an offer which was acceptable to you, to compensate you for your time and trouble. $70 is a fair compensation, and I'm bothered that he hasn't followed through. December until almost May is a long wait.

I'm going to drop Andy's status to "C" for the time being. You can let him know that this has happened, and see if that will light a bit of a fire under him. "C" is basically (guitars shipped below standard and has not worked to resolve the issue with the buyer.) I feel this is appropriate, since resolving the issue means communicating and following through on any offers to make good. If Andy gets things right with you sooner, rather than later, let us know and I'll move him back up.

Hope this helps you.
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