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EVH Wolfgang Sellers

posted Apr 24, 2014 17:15:40 by ashdsmith
Has anyone seen any reviews or ordered a EVH Wolfgang copy? I am thinking of trying one out, but figured i would see if anyone had a good seller or if anyone had even considered one.
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GsxJones said Apr 24, 2014 17:56:29
I've considered one,but like you would like to see some feedback from other's who have actually bought one.
GsxJones said Apr 24, 2014 18:00:09
Here's one link from YouTube.

Im getting myself mixed up,it's the Van Halen Musicman style guitar I fancy,not the Wolfgang. OOPS!
Rob said Apr 25, 2014 01:43:41
As a person who has bought one, here are my thoughts. The materials will be different and that is obvious. Having said that, you will have to heavily upgrade the guittar from pups, switches, almost hardware and electronics. It will also require set up as all of the import axes do. I got mine from REG. I did a full review which I posted on here. In my opinion, if you are into modding a axe heavily, go for it! I did run into some issues with holes not drilled properly and a few other construction issues so be aware of that.

After all my mods and repairs I was close to a EVH special. The guitar plays great, check out the sound clips as well but my next EVH will be the branded version. My suggestion instead, pick up a EVH Wolfgang Special or the Musicaman AX40. You can find both on eBay for a decent price used.
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