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Cheap inlay's for Gibson's.

posted Apr 21, 2014 13:32:06 by GsxJones
I was having a bit of a search online,and came across this site.
The inlay's are the cheapest Ive ever seen. They are not MOP,but I think still look good.
If custom's are stopping guitars coming in with logo's,these could be a good little project.

Im liking the gibson logo and crown inlay for a future ES335.
The diamond inlays could work well on the custom guitar's where the seller's rarely get the inlay looking right.
ES335 inlay;
Gibson,all by it self;
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GsxJones said Apr 21, 2014 13:55:33
I've put my money where my mouth is and placed an order to check the inlays out.
Ive ordered a couple of Gibson headstock inlays.

Gold to see if it looks like an aged relic type of thing?

Pearloid to see if it looks like the new kind of thing.

They did not have the LP model waterslide decal's in stock,but I can buy those easily enough from the UK.

GsxJones said Apr 21, 2014 14:04:14
With the inlays being 3.3 mm thick (!!),they should be a lot easier to install over the slimmer MOP version's. I will of course take pics and explain fitting when Im doing them. However,I'll need to buy yet another guitar! One with no logo's that will fly thru customs (just in case the UK customs's start funny business). Even if we dont have custom's issues,it will be a nice custom job to do to make my guitar more my own. I feel a relic coming on! ES-335.... Early 50's LP gold top with the Gibson logo further down the headstock.... LP Custom with the correct size diamond inlay....

If I do all of those,that will take my guitar collection to eleven. Thats not a good number to finish on. Twelve would be better. lol.
586marky33 said Apr 21, 2014 15:16:23
On the subject of inlays, I have been pondering the idea of ordering these from PhillyLuthierTools, they are cheap and have a lovely vintage look to them, only thing stopping me is I havent a clue how to go about installing them, with my limited knowledge would be a disaster waiting to happen. Any thoghts?

GsxJones said Apr 21, 2014 15:52:40
Ive not yet done fingerboard inlays,but it doesnt look to hard or difficult.


I have been looking at neck inlays myself,thinking about if Ive got the guts to try it? lol.
GsxJones said Apr 26, 2014 11:10:02
The inlay's I ordered arrived today. They are superb for the money. The gold one looks like a nicely aged vintage one,while the silver one looks more lol. They are 3.3mm think,so should be easy to fit?
On a custom's importing thing,Ive just been charged £62.00,which I believe could be down to logo's?? This is a cheap way around thing's if you have the patience to have a go at doing the job yourself.
Im no expert,and have no special tools for doing the job,but I will take a load of pic's when I fit one,with as best an explanation as I can give to what Im doing.
Im not taking pics of the inlays,as you can see them on the supplier's site.

Dont forget,other supplier's are out there too. Ive no connection with the one's who I bought from. lol.
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