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here are my weapons of choice.

posted Apr 20, 2014 22:23:54 by goodykenny
The washed cherry les Paul was the last one to buy and finish building . i had a Gibson lp studio deluxe that had neck problems so i used everything except the bridge and stop tail piece. the pups are the 490 r for the neck and a burst bucker pro lead for the bridge. this guitar is awesome. it turned out great, I spent hours leveling and polishing the frets. This was a must also the neck is like the neck on my sg special. I don't like to brag but i guess this is what this forum is about , kind of. i used Sarah lee and i had great experience with her or him i bought the 3 tone strat first from Sarah and completely redone it also. the Stratocaster neck is the only thing that is from Sarah now. ebay was helpful putting the strat together. both the china guitars are great guitars. this web site gave me the courage to take the plundge and im going to buy another one as soon as i figure out what i want. .lol
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goodykenny said Apr 20, 2014 22:30:46
i only see half the picture i. is that what you guys see?
stanton.kramer said Apr 21, 2014 14:15:26
Hi Kenny!

It's a beautiful guitar. I had to go to image shack to see the full image.

For next time, it is probably best to post this in either the guitars & sellers area or "post your pictures". You'll get more replies there.
Ken said Apr 21, 2014 17:05:44
just play what you hear in your head, others may like it too.
Ken Goody said May 21, 2014 00:54:58
my last finishing touches. no more tearing it down. , DONE. lol Here is the final cut.
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