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Les paul tuners

posted Apr 19, 2014 05:12:08 by MattyJessome
Hey everybody I'm coming around to changing the tuners on my Les Paul from GM, i'd like to stick to the classic kluson style tuners but I would like a set with white keys instead of the ugly green that comes on these. I also read that some people were saying the headstock on these guitars are thicker than usual so the tuners dont fit properly? I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as what fits these guitars. I was considering Grovers kluson copy, Anyone have any experience with these?
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vambostrausser said Apr 19, 2014 05:39:41
The first thing is never buy these type of parts until you can actually measure yourself.The best thing is to look on the web site for which ever make you decide to use and find the measurements of the tuners and the specifications,as some have different ratios,which is why some find the ones that are fitted in the Chinese factory to be inferior. GOTOH make adjustable post height tuners so you can over come the problem if the head stock is on the larger side,but do come with white buttons as do Tone Pro's as well as Gibson branded tuners.
My advice will always be WAIT for your guitar to arrive,and keep in mind you might have to re-drill the post holes.
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SteveTebble said Apr 19, 2014 07:45:49
Yes I made the mistake of ordering a set of Wilkinson Kluson copies (with cream keys) before my LP Standard arrived, to find that the head was slightly too thick. The same applied to a 335 I bought afterwards, in fact the tuners are now up for sale!

I'm told TonePros do a set that might fit so you could investigate those.
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kaarel804 said Apr 19, 2014 15:03:18
Actually, if the tuners of your LP work well and don't cause any problem, I'd suggest you to save money and change only the tuner buttons which can be bought on eBay. There are also a couple of tutorials on youtube to show how they should be swapped out.
As for me and the double neck that I just ordered from REG, I'm planning to do the same thing because 3 sets of tuners would be a bit expensive to buy :)
stanton.kramer said Apr 19, 2014 18:38:36

You may or may not have noticed, but we now has a "parts swap" category. You may want to list your tuners there.
RhysPrice said Apr 20, 2014 02:30:40
I made the same mistake buying a set of planet waves locking tuners they are too short to fit, genuine grovers fit fine but need the holes enlarging.
MichaelWamback said Apr 20, 2014 05:46:43
Enlarging the holes is not a big issue, if you purchase the "prop reamer" that is made by Great Planes. You can pick one up for under $15. It's basically a step reamer that cuts a perfect 10mm hole, which I think is what the grovers use. You can cut it by hand without too much difficulty. Just a case if inserting the reamer and twisting the handle.
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