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UK Musical Instruments,Store passing off a Chibson as real....

posted Apr 18, 2014 20:13:27 by eatmydoo
Saw this on another forum thought id re-post here

All the tell tail signs are there but even a store with "30 years in the trade" look like they've been done.....some one on the forum i got this from is emailing them to tell them its a fake,will report if they get back to him

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MichaelWamback said Apr 18, 2014 23:26:09
Looks like a Chibson to me as well. Asian bridges on it for sure (although I did find a genuine Gibson that someone had retrofitted with an Asian bridge last year.) Certainly suspicious enough to warrant not paying almost 1,000 pounds for it.
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SteveTebble said Apr 19, 2014 07:35:12
0171 serial number is a common one on fakes. Note also the colour of the serial number, wrongly positioned trc, the odd slope of the 'n' in 'Gibson,' etc etc etc.

I've emailed them also.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
SteveTebble said Apr 19, 2014 07:40:50
Just had a further thought: Am I right in saying that on a Gibson LP Standard the truss rod cover simply reads 'Standard,' and only says 'Les Paul Standard' on an Epiphone?
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God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
eatmydoo said Apr 19, 2014 18:20:52
Yep i thinks that's also true steve

heres an image of a real LP 2009 that this is a copy of

Might throw on of these on the build wish list that red & white is pretty sexy ;)
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