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If custom's step in and start confiscating guitars......

posted Apr 17, 2014 12:20:50 by GsxJones
If HM Custom's started to mess thing's up for us,Id order Chibson's with a blank no logo'd headstock,and fit something like these bit's myself.
This seller's Les Paul model decal's are good.
Where there's a will there's a way.
So let me see,we need pup's,tuner's,wiring,pot's,a new bridge,a nut..and Gibson inlay and decal. lol.
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GsxJones said Apr 17, 2014 12:21:52
SteveTebble said Apr 17, 2014 13:02:38
That's useful to know. Right, my next Chibson will be ordered with a blank headstock!
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
MustangJessie said Apr 17, 2014 13:12:56
So how do you go about installing one?
SteveTebble said Apr 17, 2014 13:16:36
According to the eBay link, they're either very thin stickers or waterslide transfers.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
MustangJessie said Apr 17, 2014 13:18:38
Oh OK, I thought it was an inlay. I should've read it :(
ParéjJózsef said Apr 17, 2014 13:54:44
Why not make a personal logo and have it on the guitar? you could make way cooler logos than the gibson logo, in my opinion :)
Just call me Joe ;)
Proud owner of my 7-string "Bear" LP.
t3kn0h1ppy said Apr 17, 2014 16:11:27
Just mentioning - as bobs guitars says in the auction , only use poly laquer. I have used these decals with nitro and they are definitely NOT nitro safe :(
stanton.kramer said Apr 17, 2014 16:23:55
I was thinking about something similar yesterday.... What would stop the Chinese from installing a blank ON TOP of the Gibson logo, secured with the tuner nuts and a bit of double faced tape? You would then have the option of removing it to expose the G logo or leaving it on and customzing it or possibly using it for a template for a custom logo. I wouldn't think customs would go to the trouble of trying to look under the top laminate if it were bolted and taped down.
GsxJones said Apr 17, 2014 17:10:13
The Gibson inlay's ive used in the past have been about 1.5mm thick. You basically mark where its going to go,and use a dremel,chisel,knife cut a recess for the inlay to sit. You epoxy it in,leaving it sitting slightly proud (higher)than the headstock surface,the let dry. You then add the filler of your choice and cover it to fill all the gaps. Once thats set and hardened,carefully block sand the area to make smooth and reveal the logo. You then spray the headstock black and leave to dry. Once dry,again carefully block sand the paint with wet wet n dry paper to reveal the logo and remove any dust etc that could be in the paint. Once your happy,clearcoat it. Id be tempted to add the LP model decal once you have the 1st clearcoat on. Then again,once happy,clearcoat.
Another easier option is to buy a headstock overlay from the likes of Croxguitars. These are easy to fit with just basic tools. You need some G-clamps.glue and a headstock sized piece of perspex. The Crox site has more info on how and what to do.
If you ever carefully look at some old Gibson'sor some of the re-issues,they have an inlay,rather than the overlay,and you can often see a ridge around the inlay where it's been fitted. This small detail will make you Chibson even more pleasing on the eye when a Gibson anorak of a person spot's it and ooh's and argh's! lol.
Incidentally,just my own opinion,but I prefer Bobsguitar's Les Paul model decal's over Crox guitar's. I applied a Crox waterslide decal to a friend's guitar and had a lot of trouble trying to make the join invisible under the clearcoat. The Bobsguitar one was a much better success. I used 2K clearcoat for the job. If I do anything for myself it will be nitro!
GsxJones said Apr 17, 2014 17:13:07
This is more or less to a degree how Id do an inlay.
GsxJones said Apr 17, 2014 17:15:47
stanton.kramer said Apr 17, 2014 17:41:21
The only question about the Crox overlays is will the tuner holes match up with what is on the guitar? I know you cannot (without a lot of trouble) just turn an Epiphone into a fake Gibson by popping on the overlay as the distance between both rows of tuners is quite a bit narrower than on my Chibson. And as we know Chibson bridge posts centers are different than Gibson, will the Chibsons, measured in metric match up with Gibson, which probably have English measurements?
GsxJones said Apr 17, 2014 22:10:10
Im certain you can buy overlays with no holes drilled in them. Ive used a modern std LP overlay on another guitar before,and had to file/dress the edges to make perfect. Im sure it can be done.
It's a pain the **** though! lol.
GsxJones said Apr 18, 2014 08:46:41
Thinking about it,the Chinese could build the guitar as they do with logo's,and then spray a further black coat of paint over the top. It would then be easy to flatten that paint off and polish the headstock as we know it.
SteveTebble said Apr 18, 2014 09:13:40
Wouldn't the X-ray be able to read the inlay through the paint?
[Last edited Apr 18, 2014 09:13:58]
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
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