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File Top of Nut for Buried Strings?

posted Apr 12, 2014 18:03:18 by stanton.kramer
Ok... Before I start, I know the short answer is to replace the nut. I may do that down the road, but for the most part it plays fine. The grooves have been professionally recut to put allow the string height to be even at the 1st fret and it plays extremely well. I don't have nut files, so for now I'd have to have a luthier replace the nut and it's not cheap around here.

But here's the thing... The lower image is my Epiphone. You can see the strings are buried. My Chibson came in the same way but has since been replaced (upper image). The question is:
Does it do any good to file off the TOP of the nut to expose the tops of the strings, or go with the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
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SteveTebble said Apr 12, 2014 18:09:52
Short answer is yes. If the strings are buried deep in the nut like that, they're not as free to vibrate than if they were sitting on the top.

Remember though that this will only affect open strings.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
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