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Is Cathy Still At the Helm?

posted Apr 09, 2014 13:17:30 by Rob
Just an observation. I contacted Cathy about a custom job and it seems there is a different person answering emails than before. The english is borderline unintelligible. I mean it's barely there. Has anyone else had this problem lately with her?
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ChibsonsandMore said Apr 20, 2014 16:09:12
She sent me details of shipment about three days ago now, and I still don't see a change in character at all with her:

"Hello Will yes,i have the track number. it is

You can track from

i put 2 pots one is push pull one is common in packing also


She put extra pots in after I asked if they had 25k push-pull pots (I'm going to be dropping in Lace Alumitones into this PRS style guitar) and she popped them in the box for me it seems. I told her thanks for doing business and that the guitar appears to be en route from New York to my place. Her response again:

"me too,to do business with u,it is my honour and good luck to u

so stay in touch


At least she is respectful. :)
MichaelWamback said Apr 20, 2014 18:12:59
I'm really thinking about ordering the JP #2 from her, but it won't be until later in the year. By then, we should know for sure if customs is cracking down or just an isolated incident or two. It's another one of those cases where I want to replicate his guitar, so I'll want the Gibson branded headstock. For me, it's just a fantasy guitar that I would never sell or give to anyone. Her's is the most accurate I've seen so far.
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GianCarlo said Apr 30, 2014 08:48:18
what happened to Cathy? i was about to order a custom rhoads type guitar from her but it seems she's been offline for about a almost a week now...
JamesZhejiang said Apr 30, 2014 08:52:20
My guess would be the upcoming May holiday. Many people in my department went back to their hometowns last Friday evening, and don't plan to be back at work until next Monday. I guess Cathy, and the other sellers, are taking a similarly long holiday. Officially, the May day holiday is only Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so I myself need to be back in the office on Sunday....

ParéjJózsef said Apr 30, 2014 08:54:50
I talked to her yesterday, telling her how happy I am with the guitar, I think she's just overloaded, and don't wanna start new custom orders before holidays.
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GianCarlo said Apr 30, 2014 10:58:28
well i hope she's ok what would this forum be without our favorite supplier!!!
GrandSpector said Apr 30, 2014 12:29:04
same here, I was about to order a new custom guitar when she "postponed" our chat. I assume it's due to the upcoming holidays
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