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Is Cathy Still At the Helm?

posted Apr 09, 2014 13:17:30 by Rob
Just an observation. I contacted Cathy about a custom job and it seems there is a different person answering emails than before. The english is borderline unintelligible. I mean it's barely there. Has anyone else had this problem lately with her?
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GrandSpector said Apr 09, 2014 14:26:22
yes, I noticed it as day it seems like she doesn't remember what we were talking about and the next day everything is back to it seems that there are several "Cathys"
RhysPrice said Apr 09, 2014 15:40:05
They have just had another holiday maybe why ?
Rob said Apr 09, 2014 17:26:51
From the communication I think I'm going to pass on the build.
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ChibsonsandMore said Apr 09, 2014 17:49:51
My communication with her on my current build has been fine. I mean it's the level I've always expected from her, such as:

Hello Will
for Explorer guitar,yes,if u can give me exactly 1:1 ratio drawing in JPG or PDF file,i will bring that in disk to print shop to print that out
this way make sure exactly right in size and shape way
and for PRS we can do that green guitar way,with stop tail,but sorry we not have thorughly rosewood neck,mostly our PRS are mahogany neck,i think maple neck should be working also

LDMason said Apr 09, 2014 18:55:16
She answered my questions pretty clearly the other day. Seemed like the same person answering the message.
eatmydoo said Apr 09, 2014 19:33:23
Maybe she just hadn't had her morning coffee I know im pretty unintelligible till i get a cup or 2 down my neck ;)

I've had 5-6 messages with her about my RIceman build and apart from some confusion over having the rear of my neck left unfinished her comms have been clear and very consistent,I just have to read them like im looking at an engerlish user manual

one other though is maybe there trying google translate? 9-10 that gives unintelligible Chinese to english translations or so i read
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ParéjJózsef said Apr 09, 2014 22:28:55
yep, coffe seems about right, and unfinished neck was one of the things I gave up trying to explain... luckily scale lenght wasn't an issue, we just got lost in translation... it was 1am and I had some beers, and she was before coffe, but we sorted it out in the morning... or afternoon, for her :D
Just call me Joe ;)
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JamesZhejiang said Apr 09, 2014 23:17:28
The last weekend was tomb-sweeping day in China. Most people here had a 3 day weekend, sat-mon.

Rob said Apr 10, 2014 00:26:33
Thanks for the feedback guys! Even without my morning cup, I'm not that bad! I think I will just shop for a new Chib and keep the custom stuff on the back burner for now.
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Rob said Apr 10, 2014 20:07:27
How is ZJason for a seller? Any personal experience? He has decent feedback and some nice looking chibs for sale...
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ChibsonsandMore said Apr 10, 2014 20:10:54
Take a look at the sellers list thread. There's two people that haven't got any response at all from him or canned "do not worry, i ship order soon. cool. take care"
SteveTebble said Apr 10, 2014 21:13:11
I sent him some photos yesterday (looking at a PRS but want a quilted top instead of flamed), but I bet I won't hear a thing for days and have to chase him.

(Cathy has the same guitar with a quilted top already, and it's only £5 more, but I really wanted to give ZJason the business because he did such a good job on the last guitar I ordered from him.
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littlericky said Apr 15, 2014 19:45:03
I ordered a guitar from ZJason on 3/25. It was during the sale so I didn't here from him after purchase. At the time of the order I asked if I was able to get a different color and NO "G" logo on the guitar and if I could get photos of the actual guitar b4 shipment.. A day or two later he replied that the guitar was in stock, though he could build me another, and that would be the actual guitar I received. I was looking for a fresh start so told him to send what he had it would be fine.

I took a hands off approach to this order, no contact after the initial order. The guitar was shipped 4/14 and the tracking # worked the next day. His answers were short and pretty generic. Hopefully the guitar is nice.

Steve if you've used ZJason before and were happy with him I'd wait for him. Was that the "Malcolm Young " guitar? The seller seemed to work with you really well on that.

SteveTebble said Apr 15, 2014 20:54:57
No it was the yellow Rhandy Rhoads Les Paul Custom. All standard, no customisation, didn't even need to ask for fret nibs or an ebony fingerboard, they were already provided! And the case was lovely too - actually I've swapped cases with my LP Standard so it now has the nice brown one.
God give me patience ... but I want it NOW!!
Rob said Apr 20, 2014 15:03:30
After the recent confiscations in NY I think I will wait on the next purchase….
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