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Anyone Else With Tendonitis?

posted Apr 03, 2014 04:06:59 by stanton.kramer
Seems that I've developed tendonitis in BOTH hands. I'm sure it's from playing. Anyone else? How are you/did you cope?

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MichaelWamback said Apr 05, 2014 15:25:37
No, but I play so much that I have pain in my shoulders most of the time. Although I tripped and fell a while back, so it may be a bit of nerve damage in the neck. But I'm sure the playing doesn't help. Fortunately, we qualified for health insurance for the first time under Obama Care, so next month I may actually be able to afford to get it looked at for the first time.
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stanton.kramer said Apr 06, 2014 03:03:32
Glad to hear you can seek help. The middle finger on both hands seems to have developed "trigger finger". Fortunately when I play they loosen up but I'm sure playing just makes it worse for later.

I too have shoulder pain but it's because I fell on it a couple years ago and reinjured it this past winter. Fortunately I don't have nerve damage in my neck, but I feel for you.

I'm hoping that someone else might have some advice. Fortuantely I have new health insurance as well starting next month and the husband of one of my clients is a hand surgeon. Hoping still that it can get better on its own.
kaarel804 said Apr 06, 2014 08:11:02
Watch William Kanengiser's video series of effortless classical guitar on youtube. He explains the anatomy of your fingers and playing techniques. I know that playing classical and electric guitar is different, but the movemants are basically the same :)
stanton.kramer said Apr 07, 2014 00:47:34
Thank you Kaarel. I will watch them and see if anything helps. There is another fellow on YouTube with whom I will take long distance lessons- Rowan J Parker. He too is classically trained but well versed in jazz, rock shredding, pretty much everything. I've learned a lot about left hand position by watching his stuff and I think it is helping somewhat.

My re-entry into electric guitars was spurred by my hand made Classical guitar being smashed to smithereens, shipped back to the states by a careless friend as I was returning from Mexico :(. I'll have to post pictures before. It was amazing.
Rob said May 05, 2014 17:25:55
Has your MD offered any options for treatment?
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stanton.kramer said May 05, 2014 19:52:42
Finding a good hand doctor isn't easy. I've just changed health insurance as of May 1 so couldn't start with anyone before. Seems like I'm living on Naproxen which allows me to keep playing. It's funny... It starts of stiff and painful but everything loosens up after a few minutes. When I stop playing it goes back to being super stiff again. I've been trying different playing mechanics which help a bit. I think the nickel strings I've put on 3 guitars are helping a bit too, but not enough. I will have to see the doctor soon.
Rob said May 09, 2014 14:32:47
Have you tried applying some heat before playing?
"Be the person your dog thinks you are!"
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