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I really need to put my hands on a new guitar!

posted Mar 17, 2014 13:39:57 by GsxJones
Im based in the North East of the UK,and yesterday visited a guitar show,where somebody had for sale a very unusual single pickup 58 style flametop LP. It had obviously been set up well and played beautifully,but unfortunately,I didnt have enough cash with me. The seller (dealer selling on behalf of a customer for the show)explained it wasnt an american guitar,but a chinese copy. lol. I was amazed. I own a couple of genuine USA Lp's (std and 3 pickup custom)and would have happily placed the chinese guitar along side them for playability/sound. Plus the chinese one looked better than my guitars! It took me a while to search the net to find any sellers,but now Im here! Having seen some of the guitars people have bought,Im now torn between a gold top LP,a EVH type guitar or a nice flame top LP. Ive enjoyed reading other peoples post's,but Im still nervous to jump in with my plastic bank card. Once I take the plunge,I'll report back with what Im ordering and we can see how it goes? Any advice greatfully received!! Thank you,Brett.
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RussGreer said Apr 18, 2014 22:21:11
Looks mine shipped out the same day as yours...
ChibsonsandMore said Apr 18, 2014 22:23:28
We all get to be guitar buddies, Russ.

Mine shipped same day too:

2014-04-16 17:04:00 CHANGLE Posting
2014-04-16 18:55:49 CHANGLE Despatch from Sorting Center
2014-04-16 19:36:50 WEIFANG Arrival at Sorting Center
2014-04-16 21:16:12 WEIFANG Despatch from Sorting Center
2014-04-17 14:53:51 JINAN Arrival at Sorting Center
2014-04-17 15:08:44 JINAN Despatch from Sorting Center
2014-04-18 22:54:19 BEIJING Despatch from Sorting Center
RussGreer said Apr 18, 2014 22:26:15
ha no kidding... well just hope they all make it to their homes unbothered by customs
GsxJones said Apr 19, 2014 07:56:26
Thank you for the help regarding tracking. It certainly looks like it's on it's way!
ParéjJózsef said Apr 19, 2014 09:36:40
mine was shipped that day too :D I expect to have it around friday, maybe.
Just call me Joe ;)
Proud owner of my 7-string "Bear" LP.
GrandSpector said Apr 19, 2014 09:52:56
mine as well, should be here by next week
GsxJones said Apr 20, 2014 17:18:07
Tracking. LOL
My guitar left Changle in China on the 16th March at 18.09.
It arrived at the sorting centre in Weifang at 19.36,the same day.
Hmm....I thought......checking google maps,by plane the journey from Changle to Weifang takes over 5 hours.
Im thinking China might be making replica Concord's and flying our guitars at supersonic speeds to get them to us! i may have just misread my locations on the map. lol.
GsxJones said Apr 20, 2014 17:22:03
I cant wait for it to arrive! I wont care less about the fitting's as long as the main structure of the guitar is good. I just hope it arrives for early May,as that's my birthday,and this is a present to myself!
ChibsonsandMore said Apr 20, 2014 17:56:17
A slight update on mine since they shipped on the same day:

Mines in the US and passed customs into the USPS system. Again mine was in a hard case that was unmarked, and the guitar it self was marked with my name.
GrandSpector said Apr 20, 2014 17:58:26
tracking on mine says it left Beijing on the 19th, no further updates so far
GsxJones said Apr 20, 2014 19:59:35
The tracking says "Despatch from sorting centre" (Beijing). Does this mean its been shipped out of China,or still there???
With the long weekend here in the UK (Good Fri and tomorrow Easter Monday),I wont have any action with it for a while.
ChibsonsandMore said Apr 20, 2014 20:41:16
That means it has left Beijing.

For instance, here's mine:

2014-04-18 22:54:19 BEIJING Despatch from Sorting Center
2014-04-19 20:56:00 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEW YORK Arrival at Sorting Center

Normally after mine arrive in NYC and clear customs I have them within two business days (so I'd probably get it on Tuesday or Wednesday).
ParéjJózsef said Apr 20, 2014 21:14:42
mine says it was going to customs today... if the customs officers have to work now, they'll be pissed and charge me or don't wanna work and let me pass... hope it actually passed friday and only the system is running slow...
Just call me Joe ;)
Proud owner of my 7-string "Bear" LP.
ChibsonsandMore said Apr 20, 2014 21:38:37
I know that customs in the USA work basically 24/7 (they might get Christmas off or some other super major holiday). Not sure about other countries.

I've got another guitar on the way from Japan that'll probably get me a customs fee for once.
GsxJones said Apr 22, 2014 08:48:39
My parcel was handed over to custom's 6pm last night,so this means it's in the UK now.
Finger's crossed all will be OK? Im guessing the next step will be for custom's to release the parcel to the Royal mail?
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