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I really need to put my hands on a new guitar!

posted Mar 17, 2014 13:39:57 by GsxJones
Im based in the North East of the UK,and yesterday visited a guitar show,where somebody had for sale a very unusual single pickup 58 style flametop LP. It had obviously been set up well and played beautifully,but unfortunately,I didnt have enough cash with me. The seller (dealer selling on behalf of a customer for the show)explained it wasnt an american guitar,but a chinese copy. lol. I was amazed. I own a couple of genuine USA Lp's (std and 3 pickup custom)and would have happily placed the chinese guitar along side them for playability/sound. Plus the chinese one looked better than my guitars! It took me a while to search the net to find any sellers,but now Im here! Having seen some of the guitars people have bought,Im now torn between a gold top LP,a EVH type guitar or a nice flame top LP. Ive enjoyed reading other peoples post's,but Im still nervous to jump in with my plastic bank card. Once I take the plunge,I'll report back with what Im ordering and we can see how it goes? Any advice greatfully received!! Thank you,Brett.
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ChibsonsandMore said Mar 23, 2014 21:16:41
Here's a few of the ones I have on hand that I got from her. I can take better pics if you want.

GsxJones said Mar 23, 2014 21:22:40
The colours sound really cool. Im with you on if my guitar turns out good,I'll order more. My wish list include a PRS,a EVH Wolfgang or Musicman (EVH type thing),a tele,a strat,a BB King Lucille semi,a Kramer 5150,more Les Pauls....I even fancy an acoustic,maybe a CF Martin. To think I could buy all of those for less than the price of a new "USA" guitar.
To think that last week as I visited and entered a local guitar show I was a "guitar snob",looking down my nose at rubbish guitars other then Gibsons etc. How one 20-30 second play of a well set up nicely adjusted Chibson has changed my World. Last night,instead of the usual visit to the indian food take away,I decided to visit the chinese take away instead. Its even changing how I eat. lol.
GsxJones said Mar 23, 2014 21:25:37
Wow,those guitars look fantastic!!! I love the look of the fancy wooded explorer. The LP's are great as well. Did you have to do much work to them to get them to play,or where they good to go as sent?
ChibsonsandMore said Mar 23, 2014 21:27:16
Hopefully the body color comes out something like this on my PRS.
ChibsonsandMore said Mar 23, 2014 21:31:36
I've adjusted the truss rod on all of them.

The cherry sunburst is the -only- guitar I had Cathy "take off the shelf" from the factory (as in it was ready and she just picked it out to send to me) and it was the only one that I've had a fret issue with. The 13th fret was high and caused buzzing from the 10th through the 12th fret (12th fret completely dead). A little leveling and it's fine.

The others came with a little buzzing but it went away after they got acclimated to temperature/humidity here and about an eighth to a quarter truss adjustment. I've got the action pretty low (about the thickness of a $0.25 quarter). Can't speak much about the electronics since I'm the type of guy that rips out what they send and installs my own stuff almost immediately. I've already got a pair of Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers lined up for the PRS.

Also since you liked the explorer, here's a few more. Yes it is neck through construction, yes it cost more. :)

RussGreer said Mar 23, 2014 21:58:43
that cherry burst is nice....... hope mine comes out as good, I ordered a maple cap on the lp I ordered. I had went back and read old old posts on the pricing on caps, what I paid was pricey... cathy "this extra cost really tigerflame maple board,but not common veneer"
ChibsonsandMore said Mar 23, 2014 22:01:00
Cathy charged me quite a bit for a full maple cap on my silverburst. It's also a higher price if you get an actual cap, not a plain maple cap with a flamed maple veneer over it.

I honestly have no clue what the cap is made out of on my cherry burst. There's certainly a cap that's a lighter color than the mahogany inside the pickup cavities, and I assume the flame is a veneer (though it does have tons of 3D movement when you shift it under light).
GsxJones said Mar 24, 2014 13:24:15
I think I need to add an explorer to my wish list now!
Ive definately got an addiction now.
Ive been looking at the LP studio premium plus against the Gary Moore tribute. Apart from the colour of the top's they look pretty much the same to me. I need one of those on my list too. LOL.
Its going to be a long list.
I must say,its been a couple of days since I ordered my guitar,and its still not here. Im very dissapointed. lol. I think this Cathy person is dragging her feet. Its simply not cricket.
ChibsonsandMore said Mar 24, 2014 14:58:25
My only issues with explorers from China:

No one seems to be able to copy an ESP MX-250 II correctly. They make "ESP Explorers" with are a bad version of the MX-220 (headstock shape wrong, but not quite as wrong as calling it a 250). The only exception to this rule is Rare Electric Guitars, which is why I want to find out what factory they use and find a seller who has access to that factory since REG has their price hike (over $400 for one of the MX-250 explorers from them).

I've never seen replica Gibson Explorers to see if they're any better or not.
GsxJones said Mar 25, 2014 22:16:35
Ive been on the verge of ordering another guitar,but have decided to wait to see how things go with the custom order guitar from Cathy@Empress. Its frustrating watching youtube to see people unboxing new guitars,as I wait the wait. It does make me think I should have a video camera on hand when I open my delivery,just to make sure that if any damage has been done,the video would prove it wasnt my fault. Id expect a guitar in a case and then inside a box to make it safely though.
I havent heard any more from the seller,but its early days yet. Maybe pics will arrive within the next few days.
PabloOntiveros said Mar 25, 2014 22:39:38
Dear Figsx. I am in the same case as you. I will charge my camera battery to do an unboxing video.
Original Fender Pawn Shop '51 owner, and Fender Mustang I v.2
ChibsonsandMore said Mar 25, 2014 22:46:00
How long did Cathy say you were going to wait?

Normally it takes her about 20-24 days on my custom orders.
GsxJones said Mar 26, 2014 12:02:10
ChibsonsandMore,I need to go check my message from her? I think 20 days sounds familiar.

I really want a project guitar to mess with,so next up will be a P90 tune-o-matic bridged LP. But not until Cathy has delivered the one I have ordered.
Im knocked out by Vince's Deluxe LP conversion (upgrade section),so today started the ball rolling by buying a Gibson LP DELUXE truss rod cover. Its a start. lol. Vince has put me in the right direction to be able to order some nice mini humbuckers with rings,so a DELUXE for me it will be! I dont want a flame top,as Gibson never made any Deluxes with them,but hate the horrible gold the Chinese use,so whatever I order next will be a full strip down,and refinish. Then a full heavy relic job. lol. That sound a bit like me,a relic. lol.

Pablo,it makes sense I think to video the unboxing,then you can share with all of us! What have you ordered????
PabloOntiveros said Mar 26, 2014 12:17:19
Dear Figsx, I ordered a Strat from Great Deal, a LP from ZJason and a Tele from the unknown store ( ). I will make the unboxing above all for the Tele, as I know it will be the worst guitar by far, so I can have proofs against the seller. I am hoping I will contribute and share something useful with you all, because you have been of great help for me during these last weeks, in order to learn about buying a chinese guitar. Thank you all.
Original Fender Pawn Shop '51 owner, and Fender Mustang I v.2
GsxJones said Mar 26, 2014 14:05:43
Id also say thank you to all,as Ive learned a lot by the info shared by members on here. I feel a lot more confident to trust certain sellers,even if they are a touch more expensive than some other sellers. Good reports from people here,and good feedback give me a bit more peace of mind for the next guitar(s)ordered.
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