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I really need to put my hands on a new guitar!

posted Mar 17, 2014 13:39:57 by GsxJones
Im based in the North East of the UK,and yesterday visited a guitar show,where somebody had for sale a very unusual single pickup 58 style flametop LP. It had obviously been set up well and played beautifully,but unfortunately,I didnt have enough cash with me. The seller (dealer selling on behalf of a customer for the show)explained it wasnt an american guitar,but a chinese copy. lol. I was amazed. I own a couple of genuine USA Lp's (std and 3 pickup custom)and would have happily placed the chinese guitar along side them for playability/sound. Plus the chinese one looked better than my guitars! It took me a while to search the net to find any sellers,but now Im here! Having seen some of the guitars people have bought,Im now torn between a gold top LP,a EVH type guitar or a nice flame top LP. Ive enjoyed reading other peoples post's,but Im still nervous to jump in with my plastic bank card. Once I take the plunge,I'll report back with what Im ordering and we can see how it goes? Any advice greatfully received!! Thank you,Brett.
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GsxJones said Apr 29, 2014 19:02:49
LOL,Tom if you knew me,you wouldnt say that! lol. I dont see why a seller should dip into any profit's for something that's not their fault. I actually last weekend sent "Cathy" a $50 thank you for all the help she's given me. I'd like to buy from her again as long as she can supply what I fancy? Im probably stupid and naive to think it will make any difference in the future with my order's,but you never know? A bit of respect between the seller and buyer will be nice,if it happen's.
I was having a chat with somebody in a guitar shop yesterday who mentioned that they'd like a LP gold top with P90's and a stopbar tailpiece. Mmmm....I thought...I wouldnt mind one of those as a project. Cathy will be the first person I ask when the time comes.
Its now 8pm in the UK and no sign of the parcel. I give in thinking about it now. Being an honourable chap (thank you,lol)Im off to imbibe on the fruit of the vine. Toodle pip old bean's. LOL.
MichaelWamback said Apr 29, 2014 19:05:54
Cathy is on my short list of sellers for the Page #2 I want. I'm going back and forth between her and having REG do one. Their body shape is the most accurate, but Cathy has some really nice guitars where the color is done right. She's also about $200 less expensive than REG would be. Tough decision though.
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GsxJones said Apr 30, 2014 10:43:51
Hand's up (in the UK)if you think the Royal mail/Parcel force are a load of ****. I paid my import duty,gave yesterday's date for a suitable delivery,checked tracking,which showed that the parcel was out and about somewhere,then no delivery. One day later and Im still waiting. Im sure the guitar was built in less time than the parcel's been in the UK so far. lol. Id be suprised if any other delivery/courier organisations around the World could match the sloppy service we receive here?

On my soon to be finished cherry red flame top LP (again from Cathy),Im not going to watch the tracking system. lol. I'll just sit back and wait without thinking about it.
GsxJones said May 01, 2014 04:54:50
It arrived!!! See pics in my guitar!
TrickyRicky said May 01, 2014 05:58:42
Enjoy the guitar Figs, pleased to see it's arrived.

I sympathise over your Parcelforce issues, I use an App on the Mac called Parcel which is brilliant for tracking and helps allay some of the worries. What narks me more abut Parcelforce is the 'forced' payment of their handling fee + VAT!

There are far worse delivery/courier organisations around the world if you look for reviews online.

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