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I really need to put my hands on a new guitar!

posted Mar 17, 2014 13:39:57 by GsxJones
Im based in the North East of the UK,and yesterday visited a guitar show,where somebody had for sale a very unusual single pickup 58 style flametop LP. It had obviously been set up well and played beautifully,but unfortunately,I didnt have enough cash with me. The seller (dealer selling on behalf of a customer for the show)explained it wasnt an american guitar,but a chinese copy. lol. I was amazed. I own a couple of genuine USA Lp's (std and 3 pickup custom)and would have happily placed the chinese guitar along side them for playability/sound. Plus the chinese one looked better than my guitars! It took me a while to search the net to find any sellers,but now Im here! Having seen some of the guitars people have bought,Im now torn between a gold top LP,a EVH type guitar or a nice flame top LP. Ive enjoyed reading other peoples post's,but Im still nervous to jump in with my plastic bank card. Once I take the plunge,I'll report back with what Im ordering and we can see how it goes? Any advice greatfully received!! Thank you,Brett.
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GsxJones said Apr 24, 2014 15:10:38
LOL,I sold my LP heritage with the wrong truss rod cover on it. the truss rod was engraved with my name. About 2-3 weeks later,being without a guitar,and having no money,I ended up in Rock city (Ncle)to buy a horrible kramer guitar. As the seller took my detail's,he recognised my name from a guitar. It seems the person who bought it from me sold it/part ex'd it with them? I wonder if it made a trip to White's?
I bought it new from Window's in the arcade for £649 back in 80/81?
It was a tobacco sunburst,and if Im honest,not what I expected. I wish for finacial reason's I still had it. LOL.
I know we are drifting well away from chinese guitar's,but you'll remember "Little Rock" amps? Im sure white's had a hand in making them??? For those not familiar,Im sure they had 3 gain control's and were valve. A british Mesa Boogie!
GsxJones said Apr 24, 2014 15:12:29
A std and an elite!! Wow,they in themselves would be a good collection to own. Ive photo's somewhere of mine,but my scanner is broken.
zoso666 said Apr 24, 2014 20:05:22
Yeah i had the little rock 120 2 12 which i snow worth a fortune but,to be honest,we made them and i used to test them,there was always something "missing"
They were supposed to be a boogie rip off but ended up sounding like a fizzy fender twin!!Although the 50 w wound up sounded amazing,then blew up all the time haha.
Strange thing is,i now have a few Bugera amps which sound amazing/chinese and puka amps!
I have a feeling that Heritage ended up in my shop and my mate Graham from the grumpy old men got that guitar!
Anyway,who services your motorbikes co si need work doing on mine!!
GsxJones said Apr 25, 2014 13:03:30
Doh!!! Just when I thought things were going well,Ive noticed my parcel's tracking status,after being being handed over from custom's to the Royal mail,is "HELD". This makes me think that Im going to get hit with custom's charges? And then the ******* Royal mail want their share for handling the parcel. ****'s the lot of them! LOL.
So near,yet so far still. The parcel made it quicker from China to the UK than the time it's taken to travel from Coventry to the Newcastle area.
The bad bit for me is the postman needs to drop a card off here telling me what i need to pay. He hasnt been yet today,even though it's nearly 2pm! The sorting depot shut's to the public in about 4 minutes from now,and Im 20 mins away driving quickly.
I might not get the card until tomorrow? This means it could be Monday or Tuesday now for new guitar time!
I enjoy the guitar's,but the waiting time has my head absolutely battered!
On the bright side,Im off later to check out a guitar for sale locally. Ironically,the seller lives within sight of the Royal mail depot! I might take my tent and just camp out by the depot's door. lol.

Rob,I had a look online at the Grumpy Oldmen,and the guitarist has a very nice flame top LP. The colour looks different to my old one,but years and years of fading could have happened? Id like to see that guitar up close. I by the way do all my own work on my bikes.
GsxJones said Apr 25, 2014 13:31:32
The postman has been and gone with no news on my parcel,just a motorcycle insurance renewal. Im waiting on guitar part's from various location's,so maybe the star's will line up for me next week and everything will turn up? I clicked the wrong button last night and ordered 6 new Gibson truss rod cover's. lol. This of course means I need to order more guitar's to fit them too!
ChibsonsandMore said Apr 25, 2014 14:00:16
I think someone else mentioned when it says Held like that they're applying charges to the parcel.
GsxJones said Apr 28, 2014 21:46:42
Its due here tomorrow!!! One sleepless night ahead. lol.
GrandSpector said Apr 28, 2014 21:56:43
same :)
GsxJones said Apr 28, 2014 22:29:04
GrandSpector,can I suggest having a nice warm hot milk drink before bed,then see if you can count Les Paul's instead of sheep to make yourself fall asleep. Or just drink a bottle of vodka/brandy / knock yourself out rather than suffer a sleepless night. Then when you wake up,the nice postman will knock at the door with a new guitar. Sleep tight,and have nice dreams! Let us all know when you get the delivery!!!
GsxJones said Apr 29, 2014 09:03:42
In readiness for the new arrival,I dragged some of my guitars out for a family portrait. The new one when it arrives today (Yee ha!!!)will take centre stage. Until I get bored with it. lol.

I hate waiting for deliveries!!!
t3kn0h1ppy said Apr 29, 2014 11:27:31
So, is it there yet, is it, is it, is it - huh? huh? huh?

pics needed
GsxJones said Apr 29, 2014 16:36:54

The tracking states the parcel was handed over for delivery today,which is what I requested when I paid my import duties etc on Sat morning. Ive taken a day off,and pretty much sat around all day waiting. Its now 17.30PM UK time. What chance do I have of getting a delivery at this time of day?? None. The parcel has spent more time already in the UK than it ever did in China. I seem to have a love hate relationship with the Royal mail service. Today I hate them!

On a different note,Cathy asked me to keep her upto date with customs etc in the UK,which I did. I mentioned I had to pay £60-odd for duty,which was not a complaint,just fact's. Cathy has just sent me a message saying they will give me $85 off the next purchase. Now,some would say lucky you,but my message to her was not a complaint,so Im going to reply back with a "Thank you,but no thank you". I feel I have a good relationship with "Cathy",and want to keep it sweet. Im already working on idea's for my next guitar from her.
Im not holding my breath that it will show today. ******* Parcel force!!!!!!
Rant over about them lol.
GsxJones said Apr 29, 2014 16:49:07
My message to Cathy.

09:45 Apr 29,2014
Hello Cathy, When I told you about the import tax I was not complaining,I was just telling you about UK custom's. Thank you for the offer of $85.00,BUT I will not take it. It is not needed. Thank you. You keep the $85.00 for yourself!
I look forward to buying from you again as you are the BEST seller for me on Aliexpress!!

Im not one of the people who complain about a speck of dust in the finish,or cry because the strings fitted are rubbish!!!! The people who spoil it for the rest of us! lol.
t3kn0h1ppy said Apr 29, 2014 16:56:36
Cool - an honourable chap :) - actually PF can deliver up till abou 8PM - normally if their site says it is out for for delivery, it is. I dont think Ive ever had a guitar say it was on the truck and not arrived. Keep checking the Pf website for progress - fingers crossed for you.

P>S - I'd be steaming too with PF. :D
TomS. said Apr 29, 2014 18:07:43
Wow Brett, you are a good man. Also good on Cathy for trying to help you out, that was really above and beyond.
This is my Chibson. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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